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City of Dreams Brings “The Most Insane Garage in the World” to Macau with the Opening of the first TheArsenale Showroom in Asia

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An intriguing playground for petrolheads, discerning collectors and art nuts alike, TheArsenale will feature rare finds and boys’ toys from around the world

MACAU, CHINA - Media OutReach -  July 25, 2019 - Forever synonymous with ultra-luxury and excitement, City of Dreams , has unveiled another thrilling and exclusive attraction with "The Most Insane Garage in the World" -- the first TheArsenale showroom in Asia opening at the iconic resort. A name whispered amongst the IT crowd searching for their latest high-powered toy, TheArsenale showcases the world's most sought-after rare finds from land, sea and air. [1]


City of Dreams Brings “The Most Insane Garage in the World” to Macau with the Opening of the first TheArsenale Showroom in Asia

Renault Sport has always been a pioneer of technology in racing. This R.S. 2018 was designed to compete during the 2018 FIA Formula One World Championship. This unity of carbon fiber weighing at only 733kg moves through space with no effort.

City of Dreams Brings “The Most Insane Garage in the World” to Macau with the Opening of the first TheArsenale Showroom in Asia

The Rezvani Tank is a bulletproof vehicle that looks like it belongs in a futuristic military service battalion. It hails from the world famous Rezvani Motors which designs and manufactures weapon-grade looking vehicles for the road with the thrill of flying through open skies. 

City of Dreams Brings “The Most Insane Garage in the World” to Macau with the Opening of the first TheArsenale Showroom in Asia

Designed and engineered for over 5 years, Centauri Valkyrie is the most elegant solution to avant-garde private transportation. With interior design mastered by Maserati, the Valkyrie is one of the most beautiful lightweight aircrafts in the world.

TheArsenale is the first worldwide marketplace dedicated to the motion universe, connecting the world's best niche vehicle-makers, brands and talented designers with petrolheads, discerning collectors and art nuts. Sitting proudly at the crossroads between motion and art, between tradition and technology, the meticulously curated store brings together a remarkable array of rare cars, private jets, submarines, custom motorcycles, exclusive branded boats, bicycles and graphic skateboards, timepieces, artworks and more .


Following the launch of high-profile locations in Paris, Miami and Dubai, TheArsenale showroom at City of Dreams will feature more than 40 extraordinary machines and other unique items guaranteed to excite collectors and speed demons alike. These include a Formula 1 and Formula E , two speed machines showcasing the ultimate racing technology from one of the fastest motorsports disciplines in the world, together with Roborace, the firstpilot-lesscar ever to compete in racing events, and Centauri's pioneering Valkyrie .


With interior design mastered by Maserati , the Valkyrie is one of the most beautiful lightweight aircrafts in the world offering unmatched luxury and ease of piloting with its engine that takes the aircraft up to 461 km/h. By using the widest canopy in the world, the driver and passengers will have an incredible field of view as they fly through open skies.


The showroom retail space also features The Rezvani Tank, the Hellcat-Powered beast that stole the show in the action-packed movie 'Men in Black'. Nearby are the luxurious BMX bikes created in collaboration with Dior and surfboards branded by Ferrari and Bentley. TheArtpark -- the art section of TheArsenale -- also highlights The Tank designed by music legend Pharrell Williams, a striking artwork in the form of a pink chair with gleaming tank-treads.


For the first time, visitors will have the chance to see , interact with and purchase machines that are straight out of their wildest dreams in the most in sane garage in the world, unlike anything you have ever seen.


Mr. David Sisk, Property President of City of Dreams Macau , said: "We aim to bring unique ultra-luxurious experiences to our guests at City of Dreams, so we are delighted to partner with TheArsenale to launch their first showroom in Asia. In this specially designed retail space, visitors can admire and even shop for the most alluring machines and vehicles fit for the likes of James Bond . Together with TheArsenale, we have curated these dreams for our guests, and transformed our retail space into the center of a dynamic world full of creativity and innovation."


Mr. Patrice Meignan, Founder & CEO of TheArsenale , said: "We are thrilled to bring TheArsenale to Asia and City of Dreams is the most perfect location for our first showroom in the region. The showroom is carefully spaced out to allow visitors a 360 degree view and all vehicles and artworks are the result of a thorough selection process.   Prepare to see the AI- operated Roborace car sitting beside private jets, custom motorcycles holding graphic skateboards, and the ultimate unity between tradition and technology. From microscopical accuracy to finding perfection in imperfections, TheArsenale has something to quench every thirst."


TheArsenale Retail Showroom details:


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