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2020 OPPO Overseas Theme design competition winners announced

  • Written by OPPO

GUANGDONG, CHINA - Media OutReach[1] - 3 April 2020 - The big moment is finally here, OPPO[2] is thrilled to reveal the winners of the 2020 OPPO Overseas Theme Design competition. First prize with the reward of 3000 USD and other great opportunities, OPPO would like to congratulate Sunny Boy, HiHi, Desity and the other 10 designers for their incredible works. The complete list of winner designers is announced on the 2020 OPPO Smartphone Theme Design Award website[3] and OPPO theme store.


The competition reached an upsurge over the past two months. It attracted, 141 designers and enthusiasts from 23 countries around the world resulting in over 200 excellent designs. Designers, globally, created exquisite thematic works offering beautiful artistic designs for OPPO cell phone users.


2020 OPPO Overseas Theme design competition winners announced


The 2020 OPPO Overseas Theme Design Competition has made the art of smartphone unbeatable. The submissions offered a visual-art entertainment, drawing the interest of global OPPO users and a high degree of user participation. Among the design concepts, users can find out both cute and edgy, floral and geometrical, sci-fi and vintage forms of designs for their OPPO smartphone.


The contest voting page was online for 3 weeks, and the website saw more than 7 million views and nearly 5 million visitors, of which 1.13 million users participated actively to vote the designs.


As of February 2020, OPPO theme store has over 70 million monthly active users and the users in overseas markets have a very strong demand for personalized content. OPPO theme design competition became a platform to help designers showcase their artworks to OPPO global users and also understand the user interests of these markets. The OPPO theme store team, will support the designers by providing over 50 million exposures to their theme artworks on theme store.


OPPO welcomes more designers from all around the world to join OPPO theme store. While showcasing their creativity through their art works, designers can get the international exposure and revenue from sales of their smartphone themes, which is a win-win for designers and theme store users.


OPPO theme store team also expresses their excitement of the keen participation of both designers and users. The great results achieved has given them further confidence in bringing more capable designers and delicate artworks to the theme store in future.


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