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8 Ways to Stop Red Wine Staining Teeth

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Many people these days are complaining about red-wine-stained teeth. If you drink red wine on short-term, this can turn your teeth purple. For long-term drinking, the effects could include permanent teeth stain. Red wine is known to contain ingredients that produce pigment responsible for staining the teeth. Fortunately, there are ways to stop red wine staining teeth.

Brush the Teeth Before Drinking Wine

Brushing your teeth at least one hour before drinking red wine prevents the wine from clinging into the tartar, plaque, or hidden debris in the teeth. Since you’re already used to brushing before going out, this one is quite simple to incorporate to your routine.

Remove Plaque through Floss

Floss to get rid of plaque before sipping red wine. This is one effective way of preventing stains of red wine from appearing between teeth.

Stay Hydrated

Red wine that has been in contact with the teeth for a long period is likely to stain them. To prevent wine stain and build up, alternate a glass of red wine with a glass of water. Staying hydrated is a good way of preventing red wine from staining the teeth and good for hangovers too.

Do Not Drink White Wine

Some begin with white wine and next thing is red wine. This is something you must avoid. The white wine’s acidity can erode the enamel and can act as a primer that makes tannins stick to the teeth more.

Steady Snacking

Chewing food helps in stimulating the saliva. Snacking on some cheese with your favorite red wine is suggested. Cheese is free from staining pigments and is not acidic. Cheese also contains calcium and proven to be a good food that protects tooth enamel from stains and damages.

Consider Using Teeth Wipes

Teeth wipes can be used conveniently in cleaning your teeth on the go. These wipes are clean small cloths useful in cleaning foods from the teeth. Teeth wipes are also helpful before you sip some red wine. Always have these wipes on your purse or inside your car.

Be Careful with Tooth Whitening Products

There are products that can strip the stain from your teeth and make them whiter but unfortunately, there are also those that can make them prone to stains. Make sure to do your research before using home remedies or teeth whitening products and procedures. Doing your research can help you make wise choices and prevent long-term damage.

See your Trusted Dentist Regularly

Teeth enamel protects your teeth from red wine stains. You, therefore, need to see your trusted teeth whitening dentist on a regular basis and have your teeth thoroughly cleaned and deal with problems before they even start. Keeping your teeth healthy is a good way of preventing teeth stains and having great smiles too.

You don’t really need to give up drinking red wine just because you don’t want your teeth getting stained. There are effective ways to stop red wine from staining your teeth. By doing these ways, you can drink with confidence and peace of mind and achieve whiter teeth while having fun with friends.


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