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4 important questions regarding your nose job

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Nose jobs (rhinoplasty) are an incredibly popular way to alter the face’s aesthetic. If you feel like your nose doesn’t suit your face’s proportions, a nose job could improve your nasal profile and facial appearance.

But you will naturally have a few questions before going ahead with a nose job. You probably want to know what rhinoplasty can fix, if you’re truly suitable for receiving the procedure and may even want to see some nose job before and after photos to gain a realistic expectation.

So, here are four important questions regarding rhinoplasty so you can see if you are on the nose about receiving the treatment.

What is the purpose of rhinoplasty?

Nose jobs are primarily performed for cosmetic purposes, as there is a lot a nose job can do to alter the face’s appearance, including:

  • * Reduce the width, length or overall size of the nose.

  • * Straighten a crooked or bumped nose.

  • * Improve the nose’s symmetry.

  • * Refine and reduce a bulbous nasal tip.

  • * Reduce the size of the nostril.

  • * Correct a previous nose job.

Nose jobs can also provide a range of practical benefits, including repairing injury damage and improving breathing problems. Smaller nasal septal perforations (nasal holes), resulting from previous surgery complications or drug use, can typically be closed with a rhinoplasty.

Regardless of your reasoning behind getting a nose job, it’s vital that you choose a surgeon that is highly qualified and has plenty of industry experience. Rhinoplasty is a highly specialised treatment, and your surgeon has to have the skill to ensure you achieve your treatment goals.

Are nose jobs expensive?

Like all cosmetic treatments, the price of your nose job depends on a range of factors, including:

  • * What you are aiming to achieve i.e. repairing trauma, realigning the septum or reducing nose size.

  • * Your anatomy and individual goals.

  • * How close you are to a surgery.

  • * The surgeon’s experience providing your desired treatment.

A typical nose job in Australia costs anywhere from $8,000 to $20,000, depending on the type of procedure. Your qualified surgeon should be able to give you a closer idea of how much you can expect to pay for your nose job when you near the procedure day.

How old should I be to get a nose job?

In Australia, people under the age of 18 who wish to receive rhinoplasty must have a doctor’s referral for a psychological assessment and should have a cooling off period of minimum three months before deciding to undergo rhinoplasty. This is because rhinoplasty is a life-altering procedure, and the person’s emotional maturity is paramount to making the correct choice regarding whether rhinoplasty is the right treatment for them.

As this kind of procedure provides permanent facial change, the person must be aware of this and the mental implications that come with it. This is the purpose of undergoing a psychological evaluation before going ahead with rhinoplasty if under 18 years of age.

How long will it take to recover from a nose job?

Although your nose will continue to heal for months after the surgery, you shouldn’t expect more than two weeks of post-treatment downtime. Rhinoplasty doesn’t typically incur much post-procedural pain, however, your nose will be in a splint and bandaged and this can cause some minor discomfort.

You may wish to go out in public as soon as you want to, but many patients choose to wait a couple of weeks as there is typically noticeable bruising after such a treatment.

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