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Quick Tip - Top Reasons You Have Blockages In Your Plumbing System

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Blockages in your home’s plumbing system which lead to drains that drain slowly or are blocked altogether are a common problem in Australian homes. There can be numerous causes for a blocked drain and in this article we’ll be taking a look at some of the top reasons your house might be suffering from plumbing clogs.

Tree Roots Can Be the Culprit

Blocked drains don’t always occur internally and are not always the result of foreign matter being flushed down the sinks and drains. One fairly common culprit is tree roots breaking through underground pipes out in the yard.

Trees can be relentless in their growth and pursuit of moisture. It’s almost like the roots themselves have noses. They can sniff out water and sometimes they become attracted to underground water pipes and drains. Once they break through, the roots will cause a blockage and will also trap other debris that finds its way into the drain.

Hair Is a Drain’s Greatest Despair

Most commonly a problem in bathrooms is hair. When we take showers, a bath or even shave or brush our teeth over the basin, hair naturally falls out on a regular basis and generally gets flushed down the drains. Long hair tangles, gets trapped and also acts as a net to collect other debris and soap scum. The result is either a slow drain or a blocked drain.

Some bathroom drains have filters that trap the hair. Clean these filters regularly. If a drain is still blocked, it’ll be time to call in a plumber to fix the issue.

Food Scraps Flushed Down the Kitchen Sink

A lot of activity takes place in kitchens, so it’s little wonder that the kitchen sink can suffer drainage problems. The most likely cause is food scraps being flushed down the kitchen sink and building up in the drain. In fact, all sorts of debris can end up down the kitchen sink. Even oil build up will allow particles of food etc., to stick to the sides of the drain.

It’s vital that every member of the household is diligent when it comes to discarding everything in the trash, so there is minimal food debris going down the kitchen sink.

Foreign Objects Flushed Down Toilets

A blocked toilet is a horrible problem to have to deal with, way worse than the shower drain being slow to empty. Some of the most common reasons toilets block up is when things like paper towel, sanitary napkins, wet wipes or other foreign objects are flushed down the toilet.

Whether you’re on sewage or a septic system, apart from natural bodily functions, the only thing that should ever be flushed down the toilet is toilet tissue, as it’s designed to easily break down and not cause a blockage.

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In Conclusion

Common sense will go a long way in ensuring your drains never experience a block, but if you do end up with a blocked drain, call in your plumber ASAP to rectify the problem.

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