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Li Po Chun United World College of Hong Kong Belt and Road Resources Centre

  • Written by Li Po Chun United World College of Hong Kong

A unique and authentic learning opportunity about people, culture and countries on the Belt and Road at Li Po Chun United World College of Hong Kong


HONG KONG, CHINA - Media OutReach[1] - 15 May 2018 Li Po Chun United World College of Hong Kong[2] ('LPCUWC' or 'the College')hasreceivedHK$50MdonationfromDrTheHonorableLeeShauKee,GBM,throughLeeShau Kee Foundation ('the Foundation') for the establishment of a Belt and Road Resources Centre ('The Centre')attheCollegeinWuKaiSha,Shatin.TheCentreisscheduledtoopeninautumn2019.


Li Po Chun United World College of Hong Kong Belt and Road Resources Centre

Dr.LeeShauKeeandLiPoChunUnitedWorldCollegeofHongKongsignedthedonationagreement. (From left to right: Dr Ronald Lu, Board Member and Chairman of the Campus Development Sub- committeeofLPCUWC;MrThomasLiang,BoardMemberofLPCUWC;MrAnthonyTong,Chairmanof the Board of LPCUWC; Dr Lee Shau Kee, Chairman of Henderson Land Group; Dr Peter Lee, Vice ChairmanofHendersonLandGroup;MrMartinLee,ViceChairmanofHendersonLandGroup)

Li Po Chun United World College of Hong Kong Belt and Road Resources Centre

From left to right: Mr Willie Heung, Development Director of LPCUWC; Mr Arnett Edwards, Principal of LPCUWC; Mrs Ruth Lau, the School Supervisor of LPCUWC; Dr Ronald Lu, Board Member and ChairmanoftheCampusDevelopmentSub-committeeofLPCUWC;MrThomasLiang,BoardMemberof LPCUWC; Mr Anthony Tong, Chairman of the Board of LPCUWC; Dr Lee Shau Kee, Chairman of Henderson Land Group; Dr Peter Lee, Vice Chairman of Henderson Land Group; Mr Martin Lee, Vice ChairmanofHendersonLandGroup;DrColinLam,ViceChairmanofHendersonLandGroup;MrJohn Yip,ExecutiveDirectorofHendersonLandGroup;MrAugustineWong,ExecutiveDirectorofHenderson Land Group; Ms Bonnie Ngan, General Manager of Corporate Communications Department of Henderson LandGroup)


ThedonationcameasatimelysupportfortheCollegetorealiseitsplantoestablishaResourcesCentre to builduptheinterestsandcapacityofyoungHongKongpeopletobenefitfromtheopportunitiesinthe Belt and Road (BaR) Initiative. Strategically placed, Hong Kong stands to benefit from the Initiative whichbuildsonthecommondesireamongtheBaRcountriestoestablishconstructivehumanrelations.ItisenvisionedthattheestablishmentoftheCentrewouldenablethousandsofstudentsfromsecondary schoolsacrossHongKongtobenefitfrominterculturalandinternationalexperiencesstartingwithshort courses in aiding understanding of the BaR countries. "We firmly believe that the establishment of a ResourcesCentrewouldenabletheCollegetofulfilitsmissiontobroadenthehorizonandenhancethe interculturalskillsetsofouryoungstersthroughtheirauthenticengagementwithourstudentsfromthe BeltandRoadcountries,andthewholecommunityofnearly80nationalitiesrepresentedonourcampus." saidMrAnthonyTong,ChairmanoftheBoardofLiPoChunUnitedWorldCollegeofHongKong.


Since1992whentheCollegewasfounded,LPCUWChasbeeneducatingstudentsfrommorethan145 countries, nearly a quarter of them from the BaR countries. With 25 years of such diverse intake and closeto600BaRgraduatesbythisacademicyear,LPCUWCisuniquelypositionedtohelpbuildupthe capacityofacriticalmassofyoungpeopleinHongKongtoservethedreamsforpeaceandasustainablefuture in these territories. Over the past 25 years, LPCUWC students and alumni have led service trips and projects that took place in BaR countries like Cambodia, Malaysia, the Philippines, and Thailand. Their rich experiences would be harnessed and structured for sharing with other Hong Kong students through short courses or service learning trips, made possible thanks to some generous donors. Collectively, these people-to-people bonds would provide the human-resource networks to underpin opportunities for commercial ventures, financial enterprises, cultural exchange, infrastructure development and other constructive humansynergies.


The Belt and Road Resources Centre at Li Po Chun United World College of Hong Kong provides a strongplatformtobuildupthehumancapitalnetwork,allowingtheconnectivitythatwouldonedaybe usefulinstudents'futurepursuitsineducationoradultcareersworkinginBaRprojectsandendeavours in the countriesbeyond.


About Li Po Chun United World College of Hong Kong

Li Po Chun United World College of Hong Kong (LPCUWC) is one of 17 colleges of the United World Colleges(UWC)Movement.TheaimoftheUWCistounitepeople,nationsandculturesforpeaceanda sustainablefuture.CentraltotheUWCethosisthebeliefthateducationcanbringtogetheryoungpeople from all backgrounds on the basis of their shared humanity, to engage with the possibility of social changethroughcourageousaction,personalexampleandselflessleadership.


ThefirstUWCcollegewasopenedinWalesin1965.LPCUWCstartedoperationin1992asoneofthe firstlocalIBschools,andthefirstinternationalboardingschoolinHongKong.LPCUWCiscelebrating its 25th anniversary this year. Over the past 25 years, there have been students from 147 different countrieslivingtogetheroncampus,sharingexperiencesandcreatinganexceptionalcollegecommunity united in themission.


ThefoundingofLPCUWCcanbetracedbackto1978whenDrLeeQuo-WeiGBMJP(SirQWLee),then Chairman of the Hong Kong Selection Committee, was recruiting Hong Kong students to study in the overseas colleges of UWC. Impressed by the high calibre of UWC graduates, Sir Q W Lee initiated the ideaofestablishingaUWCcollegeinHongKongtogetherwithMrLiShiuTsangMBEJP,whosefamily had set up the Li Po Chun Charitable Trust. The concept was strongly supported by Sir David Wilson, thenGovernorofHongKong,andMrDavidSutcliffe,thenPrincipalofAtlanticCollegeinWales.Notlong after, the present site of LPCUWC in Ma On Shan was allocated to the college by the Government of Hong Kong. For more information, please[3]


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Authors: Li Po Chun United World College of Hong Kong

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