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Super event in Sydney to boost sales of Aussie products to Chinese buyers

  • Written by Tess Sanders Lazarus

The newly formed Australia China Daigou Association and have joined forces to deliver a super event in Sydney to connect Australian businesses with cashed up Chinese buyers.   The buyers, called Daigou, are Australian based Chinese who buy Australian products and send them back to China to friends, family and others. 


The Association launched in early 2018 to give the Daigou trading channel in Australia greater recognition, a unified voice and a much needed framework for increased cooperation and improved trading practices across the sector.  Utilising WeChat, enables Australian businesses to set up eStores and sell their products to China via Australia’s Daigou community.


Mainland Chinese value Australian products as they are seen as high quality and produced in a well regulated clean environment.


The Daigou sector is quickly becoming recognised as a key cross border trading channel for many Australian businesses wanting to export their goods to China.


According to Dr McDougall, Founder of the Australia China Daigou Association and also Managing Director of, “the Daigou market in Australia is worth hundreds of millions of dollars and growing as mainland Chinese continue their appetite for Australian goods.   The price of luxury goods can be 30 to 40 percent higher in China than elsewhere.“


“Many mainland Chinese utilise locally based Chinese shoppers in Australia, known as Daigou, to purchase and send back items.   This means many Australian businesses are benefitting from the Daigou community. 


“Australian businesses are not only making great sales, they are also being given the opportunity to introduce their great brands into China through the Daigou trading channel – which is forming part of their overall export strategy.”


The event called the ‘Daigou Brand Event’ will be held in Chatswood on Wednesday 20 June 2018 and will see hundreds of Daigou attend to test, experience and learn more about Australian products available for purchase through   The event will be attended by many Australian brands keen to showcase their products to the Daigou sector.


“The event will give Australian businesses the opportunity to promote their great products to the Daigou sector and in turn will provide Daigou with the opportunity to learn more about Australian brands, resulting in more sales for Australian businesses – which is a win win for everyone,” Dr McDougall added.


“Daigou will be able to ask questions of Australian brand owners and grow trust in the Australian brands on show.


“Any Australian business seeking to export to China will achieve greater success in their export journey if their brand and products are known and embraced by Chinese in the Australian market.  Events of this nature enable this and provides the sales platform to achieve it.”


Brands on show at the event include:  Continental Soup, Australian Natural Care, Flordis, Koala Eco, Wattle Health, DU’IT and Bondi Goddess, among others.    Daigou and businesses interesting in taking part in the event or future events should contact


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