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Woosong University, Korea partners with PSB Academy to nurture Asian thought leaders with pathways for transnational degrees and careers

  • Written by PSB Academy

As part of the institutions' memorandum of understanding (MoU), Woosong's SolBridge International School of Business students can opt for a one-year Study Abroad programme in Singapore, or articulate into UK and Australian degrees offered by PSB Academy's partner universities.


SINGAPORE - Media OutReach[1] - 10 August 2018 - SolBridge International School of Business, of Woosong University in South Korea, has signed an MoU with PSB Academy, to offer third year Bachelor of Business Administration students from Solbridge in South Korea, opportunities to study abroad in PSB Academy in Singapore for a year. This partnership will also allow SolBridge students to articulate into PSB Academy's University of Newcastle, Australia, University of Wollongong, Australia and Coventry University, United Kingdom undergraduate courses in PSB Academy as a 4-year dual-degree[1] pathway.

Woosong University, Korea partners with PSB Academy to nurture Asian thought leaders with pathways for transnational degrees and careers

PSB Academy CEO Derrick Chang (centre left) and SolBridge International School of Business President John E. Endicott (centre right) marked their partnership together with visiting students from SolBridge on a study tour with PSBA in Singapore.


Culturally immersive programmes for Asian leaders

The two institutions hope that the milestone collaboration will give students ample opportunities to develop cultural fluency for effective leadership, and that it will facilitate greater student access to international networks and expertise in different business specialties in the region. SolBridge's undergraduate courses, which are accredited by AACSB, the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business, already integrate a strong knowledge of Asian economies and their evolving influence on the rest of the world, with in-depth exposure to Korean, Japanese or Chinese languages as part of their curriculum.


"PSB Academy already hosts students from over 50 nationalities, and with their extensive network of university partners from the UK and Australia, and corporate partners from the region, they will serve as an effective platform for students of both institutions to gain global perspectives while interacting, studying and interning together. We have sought to participate in and support international activities that will help in the creation of a fortified community of leaders in Asia--and are glad our newfound partners in PSB Academy subscribe to similar progressive models of education that would encourage mutually productive learning and help students develop a deep appreciation for cultural diversity," says John E. Endicott, President, SolBridge International School of Business.


Preparing graduates for careers beyond borders

As part of the MoU, PSB Academy will also offer career support services to all visiting students from SolBridge, and South Korean students will be provided further job placement services with the Academy's network of corporate partners, through the Academy's Student Affairs team.


"We appreciate the extraordinary dynamism and creativity that can only stem from a diverse student community which is built on different strengths and varied skills. SolBridge, though a young institution like us, have earned a reputation for excellence in nurturing highly adaptable and innovative individuals because they have nurtured that culture of inclusiveness that is so important in leaders today. We are excited about the possibilities for our schools to work together in driving deeper collaboration in Asia as our graduates go out to lead as global citizens," says Derrick Chang, CEO, PSB Academy.

[1] Academic pathway available upon the agreement of the articulation arrangement and curriculum matching of respective universities.


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Authors: PSB Academy

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