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DFA Design for Asia Awards 2018 - Open for Submission from 26 March - Honouring the Design Solution for Betterment in Asia

  • Written by Hong Kong Design Centre

HONG KONG, CHINA - Media OutReach[1] - 19 March 2018 - In the recent decade, Asia has been the spotlight in the international scene, rapidly evolving and developing on all fronts. Together with the dramatic change on the climate, the habitat and the community on a global scale, we are seeing a new set of challenges faced by Asian societies. Design, now more than ever, is becoming crucial in combating these challenges. Through design thinking andpeople-centric approach, design solutions can better enhance and uplift the social and economic well-being of our cities.


DFA Design for Asia Awards 2018 - Open for Submission from 26 March - Honouring the Design Solution for Betterment in Asia

DFA Design for Asia Awards 2018 covers four major design disciplines in 26 categories, including (1) Apparel & Accessory Design, (2) Communication Design, (3) Environmental Design and (4) Product and Industrial Design.

In the past 15 years, DFA Design for Asia Awards, organised by Hong Kong Design Centre and funded by Create Hong Kong, has been an influential platform in underpinning designers' contribution and acknowledging the positive impact of user-centric designs in Asia. The Awards covers a total of 26 design categories under four design disciplines: (1) Apparel & Accessory, (2) Communication, (3) Environmental and (4) Product and Industrial Design.


"The Asia design trend in the past 15 years can be summarised by the DFA Design for Asia Awards winning projects. The projects showcased the best solution in combating different society challenges of the time. Stepping into our 16th year, the Awards will continue to celebrate the excellence in the betterment for Asia, and connecting good designs with the public," said Professor Eric Yim, Chairman of Hong Kong Design Centre.


DFA Design for Asia Awards 2018 will open for global submission from 26 March 2018 onwards. Submissions by 30 April 2018 will enjoy a 50% off on registration fee.

Submission Details

Date:  26 March 2018 09:00 - 29 June 2018 17:00 

(Hong Kong Time; GMT+8)

Entry Fee: HK$2,000 per entry

Discount: Submissions by 30 April 2018 23:59 

(Hong Kong Time; GMT+8)

will enjoy 50% off at HK$1,000 per entry

Submission:[2] (Online submission only)

Entry Requirement

The Awards covers four major design disciplines in 26 categories. Design projects, produced and launched in one or more Asian markets* between 1 January 2016 and 31 May 2018, are eligible for Awards submission by the design's owner or client, the brand's owner, designer or design consultancy.

(1) Apparel & Accessory Design

  • Men's Apparel
  • Women's Apparel
  • Children's Apparel
  • Functional Apparel
  • Fashion Accessories
  • Footwear
  • Textiles & Sundries

(2) Communication Design

  • Identity & Branding
  • New Media
  • Packaging
  • Publications
  • Posters
  • Typography
  • Marketing Campaigns

(3) Environmental Design

  • Home & Residential Spaces
  • Hospitality & Leisure Spaces
  • Culture, Public and Exhibition Spaces
  • Retail and Showroom Spaces
  • Workspaces
  • Green and Sustainable Spaces
  • Event and Stage Design

(4) Product and Industrial Design

  • Household Appliances 
  • Homewares
  • Professional & Commercial Products
  • Information & Communications Technology Products
  • Leisure & Entertainment Products

*Asian markets include:

Afghanistan / Bangladesh / Bhutan / Brunei Darussalam / Cambodia / Hong Kong / India / Indonesia / Iran (Islamic Republic of) / Japan / Kazakhstan / Kyrgyzstan / Lao People's Dem. Republic / Macau / Mainland China / Malaysia / Maldives /Mongolia / Myanmar / Nepal / North Korea / Pakistan /Philippines / Singapore / South Korea / Sri Lanka / Taiwan / Tajikistan / Thailand / Timor-Leste / Turkmenistan / Uzbekistan / Vietnam

Judging Criteria

Each entry will be assessed by a judging panel composed of world-renowned design professionals and industry experts based on four criteria: (1) Impact in Asia, (2) Overall Excellence, (3) Use of Technology, as well as (4) Commercial and Societal Success.


Two Tier Award Types

Category Award

Judging panel will review all entries from open submission and confer Gold, Silver, Bronze or Merit awards to entries based on their different levels of design excellence for each category.


Grand Awards

Gold Award winners of each Category Award and outstanding design projects by nomination will be considered as candidates of the Grand Awards. Design projects that make the most extraordinary contributions will be granted the Grand Awards, Grand Award for Culture, Grand Award for Sustainability, Grand Award for Technology, and Grand Award with Special Mention.

Winner Privileges

Leveraging the extensive network and influential status of the Awards, winners could enjoy the following benefits* through the Awards' platform.

1)      Networking : Complimentary pass to DFA Awards Presentation Ceremony 2018 and Business of Design Week (BODW) 2018 to connect and engage with international and local designers and business leaders;

2)      Expanding Global Reach : Speaking opportunities at different international and regional events, talks, forums organised by Hong Kong Design Centre;

3)      Exposure: Enhancement of exposure through exhibitions and Awards Publication;

4)      International Recognition: Authorisation of using the DFA Design for Asia Awards endorsement mark for promotions;

5)      Trophy and Certificate (For Merit Award winners, only certificates will be presented)


* A mandatory Publication and Promotion Fee applies to all winners  


More 2017 Awards winners' photos are available at:  [3]


About DFA Design for Asia Awards ([4])

Since 2003, the DFA Design for Asia Awards honours and acknowledges user-centric design projects and solutions that embrace cultural values unique in Asian societies, with concerns for sustainable development and use of technology to enhance and improve the quality of life for people in the region. Organised by the Hong Kong Design Centre and as one of the programmes of DFA Awards, the DFA Design for Asia Awards aims to celebrate design excellence and acknowledge outstanding designs with Asian perspectives, and has been a platform for design talents and corporates to showcase their design projects internationally.


Organiser ([5])

Hong Kong Design Centre  (HKDC) is a non-profit organisation founded in 2001 as a strategic partner of the HKSAR Government in establishing Hong Kong as centre of design excellence in Asia. HKDC pursues its public mission in using design and innovation to drive the value creation of business development and improve the well-being of society through the provision of diverse innovation-oriented knowledge sharing and by providing diverse exchange platforms, anchored by five major work directions: CONNECT, CELEBRATE, NURTURE, ADVANCE and ENGAGE.


HKDC's flagship programmes include Business of Design Week (since 2002) -- Asia's leading annual conference and event on Design, Innovation and Brands; DFA Awards (since 2003) -- the most recognised design awards from an Asian perspective; Design Incubation Programme (since 2012) and Fashion Incubation Programme (since 2016) --two-year incubation programmes to nurture future design and fashion entrepreneurs; Fashion Asia Hong Kong (since 2016) -- a new initiative combining conversations, interactions and cultural exchanges to energise the city's image, and positioning it as an Asian hub for fashion trade and business development; and Knowledge of Design Week (since 2006) -- an annual thematic design knowledge sharing platform on how design can solve complex challenges of our society.  


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Authors: Hong Kong Design Centre

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