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JaneClare Honoured with “Hong Kong Top Brand” Award

  • Written by JaneClare

HONG KONG, CHINA - Media OutReach - 30 January 2019 -[1]Laboratory JaneClare Limited -- owner of "JaneClare", an all-natural, organic skincare brand with nil harmful chemicals is honored to be awarded the 2018 Hong Kong Top Brand Award presented by Hong Kong Brand Development CouncilHong Kong Top Brand Awards aim at giving recognition to outstanding brand names founded by Hong Kong companies, to encourage producers in pursuit of superiority, to promote Hong Kong products, and to augment the profile, both locally and internationally, of Hong Kong industry.

JaneClare Honoured with “Hong Kong Top Brand” Award

Nil synthetic preservatives and harmful chemicals.  In recent years, natural skin care has gradually begun to be advocated. There are also many reports that ingredients in skincare products can cause skin allergies and even affect health. However, JaneClare pursued products without harmful chemicals and synthetic preservatives as early as 2003.  After more than ten years of persistence and hard work, the product began to be completely free of artificial preservatives while keeping for over three years.  This year, it was selected by the Hong Kong Brand Development Council as a "Hong Kong Top Brand".  It was the first Hong Kong R&D and manufactured skincare brand to receive such award. 

Meeting strict standards of the Environmental Working Group. JaneClare Chairman Angela Lee said, "After working very hard for years to produce organic and all-natural skincare products without harmful chemicals and synthetic preservatives, when the dominant market is flooded with chemicals to achieve skin care results, we are proud to say that JaneClare is successful in creating proprietary formulations which are free of any synthetic preservatives and other harmful chemicals, including those defined by the Environmental Working Group (EWG) of the US Environmental Protection Agency and listed as more than 4,000 hazardous chemicals commonly found in 99% of international skincare and personal care products."

Statutory Declaration.  In addition to producing skincare products that are free of harmful chemicals, Ms. Angela Lee and her head of R&D, Mr. Kevin Leung, went further to make two legally binding statutory declarations in order to provide comfort and assurance to users.  Ms. Lee said, "all our product ingredients are in strict accordance with the EWG guidelines and that a select number of JaneClare products are formulated for safe use by pregnant women and children."

Ultra-Pure Water Double Filtration System.  Water is one of the main ingredients for skincare production.  JaneClare has set up its own aseptic manufacturing facility in San Po Kong, Hong Kong with GMP certification, using advanced production equipment, including "Ultra-Pure Water Double Filtration System" and "Joyful Musical Treatment".  "The water that came through this water purification system is good even for intravenous injection for medical purposes," said Ms. Lee.  "Our products are exposed to 24/7 classical music.  There are numerous experiments which show that water that is nurtured under classical music yields beautiful water crystals which infuse lifting energies to our products."

Proprietary Skin Penetration Technology.  The nutrients of the product must be able to penetrate the various layers of the skin in order to see the product's effectiveness.  "JaneClare products are efficacious because we have adopted the "water-in-oil-in-water" ("WOW") skin penetration technology which is used by the world's major pharmaceutical companies, but our proprietary version of the technology performs without the use of chemicals," said Mr. Leung.  "This WOW technology successfully helps organise product nutrients to penetrate into the deepest layers of the skin to maximize the functionality of the products to achieve our skincare objectives."

JaneClare Accolades JaneClare has been established for more than 16 years and has won many accolades, including the world's first skincare product factory using Ecocert certified organic Chinese herbal medicine as raw material. In 2015, it was awarded the "Hong Kong Most Trusted Skincare Brand Award" by Mediazone.   The brand was selected as "one of the most valuable companies of the year in Hong Kong" in 2016 by Mediazone.  In addition to the local media, including the beauty media and the news media's many album introductions, JaneClare was interviewed by CCTV in early 2018.  It was the first international skincare product factory to be featured in the discovery channel of CCTV. The program was broadcast in August of the same year.  Towards the end of 2018, JaneClare was invited by the National Xinhua News Agency to be enlisted in the 2018 People's Republic of China Yearbook as one of the outstanding enterprises.

Being recognised as a Hong Kong Top Brand further highlights the quality of JaneClare and supports it as it stands to be counted in a market traditionally dominated by European, US and Japanese products and since the recent decade, Korean products. 


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