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Avnet Named Top 10 International Branded Distributor for 18th Consecutive Year

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SHENZHEN, CHINA - Media OutReach[1] - 11 November 2019 - Leading global technology solutions provider Avnet Asia Pacific[2] has been named the Top 10 International Branded Distributors for the 18th consecutive year by Electronics Supply & Manufacturing-China (ESM-China). The award reaffirms Avnet's best-in-class supply chain practices and positive contributions to the electronics industry.

Avnet Named Top 10 International Branded Distributor for 18th Consecutive Year

Photo caption: Ms. Grace Dong, Senior Director, Sales and Supplier Management, Avnet China, on stage accepting the award for Avnet at the Global Electronic Component Distributor Awards Program in Shenzhen


"With the increased fragmentation and complexity in bringing innovative, technology-laden products to reality, companies are increasingly looking for experienced partners that can simplify go-to-market processes," said Grace Dong, Senior Director, Sales and Supplier Management [3]at Avnet China. "Avnet is honored for the consecutive recognition of our world-class supply chain capabilities. Together with our logistics network, design chain experience, technical capabilities, and end-to-end ecosystem, we continue to help customers navigate the challenging IoT industry with our product development proficiencies."

Over the past year, Avnet has continually enhanced its capabilities and offerings to bring greater ease and convenience to its global customers and partners. In September 2019, Avnet expanded its e-commerce strategy in China through an alliance with Alibaba, where users can access the Avnet Super Store[4] on, China's largest wholesale e-commerce platform for industrial products and components for easy-access to feature-rich components that are crucial to building innovative IoT products.

Avnet has strengthened its portfolio of IoT solutions for its customers and partners. Its acquisition of Softweb Solutions[5] integrated Softweb's formidable IoT and data platforms, expertise in AI, data advisory and digital development services, with Avnet's end-to-end hardware 'design to deploy' ecosystem.

The Top 10 International Branded Distributor award was given to Avnet at the Global Distribution & Supply Chain Summit. The ceremony was held in Shenzhen, where many regard the region as a hotspot for tech-enabled makers and rising tech startups[1].

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[1] Startups power Shenzhen's rise as high-tech hub, Nikkei Asian Review, 2019 (Link[9])


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