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LINA Network helps governments around the globe adapt to the ‘new normal’

  • Written by LNW

HANOI, VIETNAM - Media OutReach - 21 August 2020 - While countries around the globe now constantly seek aid to build electronic systems linking governments and citizens, Lina Network[2] - a Vietnamese enterprise has done what seems to be ambitious to most technology companies during this health crisis.[1]


The solution of e-government from Lina eGovernment

Lina Network developed Lina eGovernment to provide digital identification solution where Blockchain technology is exploited to transparentize data with 100% security in biometric verification. The innovative application allows efficiency and transparency to present in every stage of public management. This project is under a bigger movement called E-government Alliance (EGA) initiated and led by Lina Network. This Vietnamese enterprise is a member of Smart Links - a multinational corporation with its headquarters situated in Zurich, Switzerland.

LINA Network helps governments around the globe adapt to the ‘new normal’

Lina eGovernment is a secure but accessible application that digitizes all verified personal information, supports fraud detection and updates almost instantly which helps to reduce processing time.


The definition of e-government (Electric government) according to World Bank "is the use of Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) to improve government processes to the benefit of citizens, businesses and the government itself." In simple words, building an e-government is the process of digitally transforming data, procedures and the core structure of the government itself in order to make a shift from paper-based administration into a digitalised system using online platforms as means. This mechanism performs effectively well in increasing productivity, cutting unnecessary expenses and addressing citizens' needs.

The ultimate goal of forming an electronic government is to boost efficiency and transparency in government management, stimulate economic growth and enhance citizens quality of life. Traditional administrative data management system remains to carry many shortcomings which makes it hard to reach these goals.

Building an electronic government has never been so prerequisite for economic growth and social security as now. Every effort made to contribute to the process of redesigning governments' system is necessary, seeing that COVID is not and won't be the only crisis that the world is heavily affected by. Without proper measures to approach the situation, countries everywhere will lose their chance to enter the new age of science and technology.

A summit to build digital public administration by connecting governments

LINA Network helps governments around the globe adapt to the ‘new normal’

Lina Network is honored to be the only Vietnamese enterprise to participate in the summit, through the presentation of their strategic advisor, Mr. Leigh Flounders (the New Zealand winner of The Finance Monthly Magazine Awards 2017- CEO Of The Year), who will attend as a speaker to present "Cross cultural innovation & Its challenges "The Laos Government Drivers Licence Blockchain Initiative with Vietnamese Technology Company Lina Network".


The Future Government Summit is an industry inclusive summit supported by the New Zealand government. The event is led by NZTech, its event partner - Conferenz, in consultation with principal sponsors around the globe, and is scheduled to be streamed on the 20th of August setting the direction for the growth and development of New Zealand's public sector. Key discussions of this gathering are collaboration, citizen-centric engagement, leadership and the future of work. The main idea is to put forward the hurdles that the public sector is faced with, and solutions to overcome them.

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