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Librestream Brings its Onsight Augmented Reality Solution to Japan and Establishes Localized Sales and Support Operations

  • Written by Librestream

The technology delivers robust remote collaboration capabilities that enhance safety, efficiency, and resiliency for enterprises

WINNIPEG, MB - Media OutReach[1] - 17 June 2021 - Librestream[2], the #1-rated provider[3] of the Onsight augmented reality (AR) and remote collaboration solutions, has expanded its international presence to Japan with the establishment of a Tokyo office and a local team of staff, supporting its growing customer base in the APAC region. Since 2019, the Japanese market increasingly adopted Librestream's Onsight platform, with user growth expanding over 300% in that timeframe.

Librestream Brings its Onsight Augmented Reality Solution to Japan and Establishes Localized Sales and Support Operations

As the third-largest economy in the world and fourth-largest in total exports, continuous workforce improvement via technology and innovation is critical to maintaining competitive positioning. The Onsight platform is utilized by a broad swath of industries, including those that account for Japan's top exports[4]: cars and vehicle parts ($136B), integrated circuits ($30.7B), machinery with individual functions ($20B), and passenger and cargo ships ($13.7B).

"Japan is an industrial powerhouse and its economy is diverse and advanced; our Onsight solution support the multitudinous industries in the region, as well as provide enhanced local and international service support," said John Bishop, Librestream President & CEO. "Onsight also addresses the local demographic challenges of an aging workforce and shrinking population by capturing knowledge from experienced workers, delivering just-in-time training, and enabling companies to remotely manage their industrial assets located anywhere in the world."

Addressing the opportunity and the challenges, Onsight's core products bring the following benefits to the Japanese market:

  • Onsight Connect remote expert assistance[5]: real-time collaborative environment to remotely inspect, troubleshoot, and resolve issues in the field; effectively distributing knowledge and accelerating decision making with capabilities including live translation to bridge language barriers, object recognition, and sensor data integration
  • Onsight Flow digital work instructions: transforms paper-based processes into digital work instructions that provide step-by-step instructions to complete a job, capture data, and add to a knowledge base[6]
  • Onsight Workspace centralized knowledge base: provides the workforce with secure and immediate access to information needed to complete work safely and efficiently[7]
  • Thermal Cube and Onsight Hub: unique in the world to support video and thermal data management in all rugged environments. As a device-agnostic company, Librestream's Onsight platform also supports use on any smartphone, tablet, computer, and wearable.[8]

Librestream's dedicated expansion into Japan has also received the support of the Canadian Embassy in Japan, "We are happy to see another innovative Canadian company enter the Japanese market and look forward to working with Librestream to support their business development activities," said Mr. Tracy Reynolds, Minister (Commercial), Embassy of Canada to Japan.


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Authors: Librestream

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