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Maddy Barber’s Bespoke Jewellery Brand, MADLY, Takes ‘Meaningful Jewellery’ to the Next Level

  • Written by MADLY
  • Top 0.1% of coloured gemstones, credible, educated and experienced staff, hand-drawn bespoke designs and the finest craftsmanship
  • In 2020, MADLY invested in their own gem sourcing offices in Tanzania and Sri Lanka, which ensure that more of the gem's value benefits the local communities
  • Ending a 25 year radio career, Kiss92 Breakfast show anchor, Maddy Barber quits to focus on her growing jewellery brand, MADLY
  • Barber almost sold MADLY for a tenth of what it's worth today

SINGAPORE - Media OutReach[1] - 28 June 2021 - Founded in 2014, MADLY[2] aimed to disrupt Singapore's Diamond-centric jewellery industry by sharing the beauty and knowledge of coloured gemstones, and creating jewellery that is madly meaningful. Today, with their own sourcing offices, and a strong team of jewellery designers, GIA graduates, and even an in-house gem cutter, MADLY is well on their way to achieving that goal.        

Maddy Barber’s Bespoke Jewellery Brand, MADLY, Takes ‘Meaningful Jewellery’ to the Next Level


A glance at MADLY's Instagram feed or website reveals some of their spectacular designs, along with customer testimonials that cement the brand's place as one of Singapore's hottest jewellers. First and foremost a design house, the MADLY experience breaks free from norms that people expect from fine jewellery. Their bespoke, coloured gemstone pieces are made specially for each client; designed with bright, vivid colours to celebrate an occasion, crafted with all their tiniest quirks in mind and made to last generation after generation. Each unique MADLY creation is an expression of the client and their loved ones, handcrafted in 18K Gold and forged by the hands of master craftsmen.

MADLY only uses the finest 0.1% of coloured gems. Their commitment to the highest level of quality led them to invest in sourcing offices in the coloured gem capitals of the world – Tanzania and Sri Lanka. So not only does MADLY have unrivalled access to some of Mother Nature's most desirable coloured gemstones, the bespoke jeweler also makes it a point to give back by promoting responsible mining and ensuring that more of the value of the gem goes to benefit the people and communities at their source.

Unlike Diamonds which have a comprehensive standard grading system, for coloured gems, the knowledge and experience of the jeweller is imperative to making a good, educated purchase. This is why every member of the MADLY team is encouraged to continuously improve their gem knowledge academically, as well as through hands-on training at their in-house gem laboratory.

Given how MADLY has flourished, it's finally time for the radio veteran to hang up her mic and commit to taking her jewellery brand to the next level. The multi-hyphenate thanks her lucky stars that her attempt to sell MADLY years ago, for a tenth of what it's currently worth, was foiled. It was challenging to juggle the early mornings of a Breakfast DJ, being mum to two daughters and a growing business but Barber stuck it through.


Maddy Barber's days in radio have definitely left their imprint, and even form one of the cornerstones of MADLY's DNA – fun. "On radio, I discovered how having fun on the job, any job, was just as significant as striving for excellence. Why can't we do both? We can take our work seriously without taking ourselves too seriously," Barber believes.

MADLY may be a fun, vibrant and sassy brand but the bespoke jeweler definitely takes their commitment to the finest gems, bespoke design and craftsmanship very seriously. Whether your piece is a symbol of power, a statement of freedom, or a sparkly reminder of those nearest and dearest, MADLY's bespoke service offers you the chance to create meaningful jewellery that speaks of who you are and who you want to be.


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