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Amanotes targets global leadership in interactive music ecosystem

  • Written by Amanotes
HO CHI MINH CITY, VIETNAM - Media OutReach[1] - 9 May 2023 – Amanotes[2] affirms its goal of building the world's leading interactive music ecosystem that offers users an interactive and personalized experience.

In 2023 it continues to focus on building strong relationships with core partners, pursuing M&A initiatives and forging strategic partnerships, developing and applying cutting-edge technologies, and attracting and nurturing top talents.

Amanotes is a leading interactive music company that has made its mark in the music game industry with popular games such as Magic Tiles 3 and Tiles Hop.

With over 200 employees and users in over 190 countries, it has established itself as a key player in shaping the music game industry.

The company has achieved nearly 2.9 billion downloads worldwide to cement its position as the world's No. 1 music game publisher.

Furthermore, it is committed to building an interactive music ecosystem that offers users multi-dimensional and more profound music experiences beyond just listening.

Through a wide range of products, the ecosystem allows each individual to interact with music in their own way.

In 2023 Amanotes is aiming to realise this vision through four key strategies.

Building strong relationships with core partners

Amanotes develops its ecosystem by cultivating close relationships, comprehensive cooperation and joint development with three core partners: music consumers, music developers, and indie developers.

For music consumers, it provides diverse and personalised interactive music experiences by using customer insights derived from its sophisticated data processing technologies.

From discovering and streaming music and playing music-based games to learning musical skills, simulating instruments, and connecting with friends on the app, music consumers can find all their needs satisfied with Amanotes.

For music developers, including copyright holders, music publishers and artists worldwide, Amanotes brings a steady revenue stream and offers new ways to release music.

Its collaboration helps them expand their market and reach millions of music consumers in a more immersive and personalised way.

For indie artists, the platforms in the ecosystem offer new creative motivation and provide a foundation for them to develop their creativity to the fullest.

For indie developers, Amanotes offers expertise and support, including valuable insights from over 100 million active monthly users, advanced music technology, music licensing, and revenue optimisation tools.

Through relationships with global partners, Amanotes helps indie developers build a healthy revenue stream and sustainable user acquisition strategy that will ensure their products' success on the global stage.

M&A initiatives, strategic partnerships

Amanotes is dedicated to pursuing M&A initiatives and forging strategic partnerships to attain market advantages.

The company focuses on identifying potential partners such as Simple Music Games studios/publishers, and seeks collaboration with companies specialising in innovative sectors such as artificial intelligence and music education technology.

Furthermore, Amanotes is stepping up cooperation with independent music labels and artists to enrich its song library and bring millions of songs to its users.

Mr Bill Vo, CEO of Amanotes, said about the company's M&A and strategic partnership strategy: "Thanks to our extensive experience in interactive music technology, world-leading product publishing capabilities, and dedicated development team, Amanotes is confident about its foundation and strategy.

"Through close relationships with global partners such as Google, AWS, ironSource, AppLovin, Mintegral, we steadily enhance our ability to acquire users and optimise our monetization strategy based on the huge data of over 100 million monthly active users.

"On these bases, Amanotes welcomes new partnerships to develop and grow with us, thereby quickly accomplishing the Interactive Music Ecosystem and helping users get the best interactive experience with music."

Developing, applying cutting-edge technologies

To optimize every consumer's experience, Amanotes constantly develops and applies advanced AI technologies to its system to improve personalization and increase value based on an extensive song library and vast user database.

AI's three segments – analysis, engineering, and machine learning/AI – can analyze data from 100 million monthly active users and build a 90-day user revenue forecast model, helping the product development team adjust commercialisation strategies in time to ensure product success.

At the same time, advanced AI technologies enable Amanotes to dissect songs into music maps with notes, pitch and length to design products suitable for each individual.

Attracting, nurturing top talent

Amanotes recognizes that in addition to developing innovative products, outstanding human resources are also critical to achieving an accomplished ecosystem.

At Amanotes, music is embodied in its corporate culture, inspiring each team member to explore their passion for music while advancing their professional skills.

From setting up a music-themed workspace to encouraging employees to play musical instruments and providing benefits such as sponsoring free music training courses, concert tickets and music listening applications, Amanotes has differentiated itself from other technology companies thanks to its strategy of investing intensively and persistently in employees.

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