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Four more days to watch award-winning films for free online at True Colors Film Festival (TCFF)

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Extended by popular demand: Short Films

SINGAPORE - Media OutReach[1] - 9 December 2020 - Before TCFF ends on 12 December 2020, movie buffs can catch these full-length features:

24 hour streaming only from 11-12 December 2020

The Chess Game of the Wind(1976; Iran), screened only twice in 1976, it was presumed lost after the 1979 Iranian revolution. Found, and then restored by Martin Scorsese's The Film Foundation's World Cinema Project. A paraplegic heiress and predatory men. 


Streaming until 12 December 2020

Moral(1982; Philippines) by Marilou Díaz-Abaya. Four female friends seek freedom in a patriarchal society.


Mental(2008; Japan/United States), Best Documentary at the Busan International Film Festival and the Dubai International Film Festival. The complex world of a mental health clinic in Japan.

Darkness and Light (1999; Taiwan), Tokyo Grand Prix, Tokyo Film Festival 1999, Best Original Screenplay and Best Editing, Golden Horse Film Festival 1999, Best Film, Taipei Film Festival 1999. Love, blindness and reality. 

Blue Gate Crossing (Taiwan; 2002), official selection of the Director's Fortnight 2002 at Cannes. Coming-of-age film about teen romance.

Four more days to watch award-winning films for free online at True Colors Film Festival (TCFF)

Talentime (Malaysia; 2009), winner of Best Southeast Asian Film, Cinemanila Film Festival 2009 and Best Director, Screenplay and Supporting Actor, Malaysia Film Festival 2009. Yasmin Ahmad's last film; love and friendship across barriers.

The Last Mile: On the Road to Eliminate Leprosy (Japan; 2017), WHO Goodwill Ambassador Yohei Sasakawa's decades long war on leprosy takes him to 20 countries.



Elsewhere (2015; Italy), a heartwarming road trip movie starring Simone, a young man with Down syndrome.

Dahdi (Singapore; 2014), inspired by a 2012 event in which 40 Burmese Rohingya asylum seekers arrived in Singapore. An elderly widow faces an unexpected guest -- and a moral dilemma.

Stand by Me Music Video (2020; Singapore), 46 artistes from 15 countries/regions perform a classic hit at the height of the pandemic.

Poop on Poverty (2013; India), a challenge faced by two billion people every day; a stylish dig at wealthy tourists. 

Lovely Bones (Myanmar; 2015), a love story about Pauk Gyi and his wife who share a bond to transcend all obstacles.

Many Notes, One Melody (2018; India), voices joined in harmony across caste, class and ability.

Streaming links:Feature films:[2]

Short films and dialogues: Vimeo[3]

For information:[4]


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