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ACUG's strategic partnership with the physical industry enables digital upgrading of gold trading

  • Written by Asia Digital Currency Limited

HONG KONG SAR - Media OutReach[1] - 22 March 2021 -Conventional cryptocurrencies have had a fair share of backlash in the first quarter of this year. Their major pitfalls include lack of physical backing and reliance on digital transfering. Under this demand, a particular upgrade to the long-lasting and robust Bullion ecology has taken place. ACUG - the newly launched- digital token is one of those gold-backed token. By its appealing performance, investors' interests in gold-backed digital assets have increasingly raised recently.

ACUG's strategic partnership with the physical industry enables digital upgrading of gold trading


A gold-backed digital currency is a digital asset that is pegged to the value of gold. The concept of a gold-backed digital currency is very similar to stablecoin, which is commonly known as a digital asset that pegged to the value of one or a basket of fiat. ACUG, a digital asset attached to the value ofgold, is planned to be issued in a total of one million tokens in the first launch. Each one equals to one ounce of physical gold.


ACUG has brought a splash to the market by its distinguish features: first of all, its stability on a long-term scale in terms of value performance differs toother mainstream digital currencies that are usually criticized for their lack of intrinsic value. With physical gold being its backing. Each ACUG has a one-to-one redeemable physical gold counterpart in Asian Digital Gold.. Secondly, ACUG will withstand the rapid price fluctuations since gold has relatively low volatility and is not subject to inflation.


In addition, this tokenised gold has made ACUG more accessible: In the past, if a trader wants to participate in gold investment, one has to overcome a cumbersome process to complete. However, ACUG provides better accessibility to users in the form of tokenised gold. Traders can trade digital assets at any time with multiple options to buy, sell and store assets.


By leveraging the advanced blockchain technology, ACUG, the gold-backed crypto currency, offers new opportunities to investors. Moreover, benefit by blockchain applications and Defi solutions, ACUG will expand its possibilities under more viable infrastructure for future growth.


Predictably, digital assets will become the trend. The approach of associating the 'newborn' with the traditional investment world is something that every investor should focus on. ACUG is definitely one of those who will empower digital investment methods in the foreseeing future.


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Authors: Asia Digital Currency Limited

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