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Enjoying Innovative Vitamins That Taste Better: YOUVIT Gummies Launch in Hong Kong, Pledges Donation to Po Leung Kuk Children

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HONG KONG SAR - Media OutReach[1] - 4 August 2021 - YOUVIT[2], an innovative multivitamin company founded by a Dutch team with carefully selected ingredients sourced from Australia and Singapore, launched its 7-Day Adults Multivitamin and Kids Multivitamin Gummies in Hong Kong last month.

Enjoying Innovative Vitamins That Taste Better: YOUVIT Gummies Launch in Hong Kong, Pledges Donation to Po Leung Kuk Children


95% of Adults in Hong Kong Lack Daily Recommended Nutrients

The Centre for Health Protection revealed that more than 95% of adults in Hong Kong do not meet the recommended amount of fruit and vegetables every day – a troubling statistic given its significant benefits for immunity support amidst the various COVID variants threatening the city.


Delicious Taste

Formulated in the U.S., YOUVIT has the complete set of 10 vitamins and 2 minerals (vitamins B complex, C, D, E, and zinc) to boost immunity and fight viruses – with its delicious taste of mixed berries, orange, pineapple, and strawberries setting it apart from other products and perfect for those who find it difficult to take and remember to have vitamins in tablet or pill forms.


Wrapped Individually for Hygiene & Convenience  

YOUVIT's one-a-day gummies are wrapped individually and easy to bring on the go – making sure customers will not forget to have their daily vitamins no matter how busy their day is!


Giving Back to the Community in Hong Kong

In response to the successful launch in Hong Kong, YOUVIT has pledged to donate multivitamin gummies to underserved communities. YOUVIT CEO Wouter Van Der Kolk said of the program, "it is important that everyone stays healthy and builds immunity against the virus and its variants, especially those who are most vulnerable."  

Available at Watsons Hong Kong

YOUVIT is now available online and in 126 Watsons stores across Hong Kong.


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