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Mothercare Supports Local Partners Parents With SG Cribs 2021 Competition

  • Written by Mothercare

Through partnerships with local businesses, Mothercare Singapore invites the community to share stories on parenthood and family for a chance to win a nursery makeover in their 2nd annual SG Cribs Competition. One lucky family will see their nursery revamped for their expecting or newborn child, ensuring assistance and support for parents in need.

SINGAPORE - Media OutReach - 12 August 2021 - Leading baby retailer Mothercare is inviting its customers and community to share stories about parenthood and family life for a chance to win a complete nursery makeover. The SG Cribs programme was first started in 2020 by Mothercare to give relief to parents in Singapore, both familiar and new, while supporting local business partners at the same time.[1][2][3]

As many families in Singapore have been affected by the changing economy due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Mothercare is using SG Cribs to create a positive social change by giving back to the community, one project at a time.

Mothercare Supports Local Partners Parents With SG Cribs 2021 Competition

Assisting Mothers and Families in need

Couples who are expecting or have just welcomed a new arrival into the family will often want to dedicate a space in their home as a nursery for their newborn. The SG Cribs programme is aimed at helping mothers and families in need who do not have the resources to build and furnish their child's nursery the way they want to.

"I grew up in a low income family, whereby both my parents are unfit for work [due to health problems]. Given our family circumstances, we received support from the government and charity organisations," shared 29-year-old Rong Rong back in 2020 before she became the first winner of the SG Cribs competition.

Recollecting her own memories of growing up in a low income family and using hand-me-downs, Rong Rong wished for her baby girl Kate, then eight months old, to enjoy a more comfortable childhood than her own.

"I hope this contest will allow my girl to experience a different childhood by having a room, a beautiful and nice room that she will be happy to come home to," she added. Find out more about her story here[4].

By sharing such narratives about parenthood with Mothercare, parents stand a chance to win a nursery makeover including decor, soft sheets[5] and swaddle[6], playmats, and crafted toys coordinated by a professional stylist. At the same time, Mothercare's partnership with local businesses helps to showcase popular items and services from these brands that can enhance the nursery experience for both parents and the baby.

Sponsors for SG Cribs 2021 include:

  • Hello Circus
  • Enstories
  • Soft Spot
  • Wander Mats
  • Med Karlek Inc.

There are no requirements to enter the contest, although entrants can increase their odds of winning if they follow the listed sponsors on their Instagram accounts.

Register now for a Chance to Win

Interested parents can fill in an online form[7] to share their stories of parenthood and family for a chance to win SG Cribs 2021. Friends and family can also join in and show their support by nominating someone they think deserves a nursery makeover. Registration is open until 16 Aug 2021 (Mon) and the winner will be announced on Mothercare's Instagram[8] account on 20 Aug 2021 (Fri).


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Authors: Mothercare

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