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Nestlé Hong Kong Invites All Children in Hong Kong to Participate in Rope Skipping Challenge

  • Written by Nestlé Hong Kong

HONG KONG SAR - Media OutReach[1] - 16 November 2021 - As the world's leading Nutrition, Health and Wellness company, Nestlé is committed to helping 50 million children lead healthier lives by 2030. Nestlé Hong Kong launched the first Nestlé for Healthier Kids Programme ("Programme") in 2017-2020, which aims to support children to establish healthy dietary habits and lifestyle. The survey results from the first "Programme" showed the lack of sufficient exercise for students in Hong Kong. Therefore, Nestlé Hong Kong partnered with Hong Kong Rope Skipping Club to promote rope skipping as the first activity for the second Nestlé for Healthier Kids Programme (2021-2024), inviting all children aged between 6-12 years old to participate in the rope skipping challenge and exercise more.


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The above photos show the first two rope skipping school tours, in which participating students were active and excited.


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The online challenge will be held from 5 November to 30 November 2021. All children aged 6-12 are invited to watch and learn from the online videos and participate in the challenge to win a small prize.

At the same time, the number of schools participating in the school-based nutrition and health promotional activities of the second "Programme" increased to 10 primary schools, with a total of about 800 students participating.


Uplifting Children's Interest in Exercise by Experiencing Rope Skipping

According to the survey results from the first "Programme", students did not exercise much during the pandemic. As a result, the proportion of students who could reach the amount of exercise recommended by the World Health Organization[1] dropped to 10% only last year, for which the situation needs to be improved.


In view of this, the first activity of the second "Programme" is to support the Hong Kong Rope Skipping Club to organize a Fun Fun Campus Rope Skipping Programme, which aims to encourage students to utilize simple equipment to maintain moderate amount of exercise in their daily life even during the pandemic while focusing on their studies and developing a balanced diet.


The Fun Fun Campus Rope Skipping Programme is consisted of two parts: school tours and online challenges. For the school tours, 10 campus visits to different primary schools will be arranged during November and December this year, in which the program includes demonstration of rope skipping and guided experience for students to learn and understand the fun of rope skipping. The visits aim to foster students' better understanding of the fun and benefits of sports, thus further enhance their interest in exercising.


For the online challenges, there are three videos posted on the Hong Kong Rope Skipping Club's Facebook Fans Page, inviting all students to watch and learn some basic and fancy rope skipping techniques from world-class athletes, then participate in the challenges and win a small prize. The activity has been launched on 5 November, anyone aged between 6-12 years old can take part in the challenges to exercise more and build a healthier lifestyle.


The Second Nestlé for Healthier Kids School-based Programme aims to Build a Healthy Eating and Lifestyle for all Children with a Wide Variety of Activities

In addition to the above, the three-year school-based promotional activities of the second "Nestlé for Healthier Kids Programme" have officially been launched since this September. Nestlé Hong Kong will continue to join hands with the Centre for Health Education and Health Promotion of the Chinese University of Hong Kong to arrange various nutrition and health education activities for children, parents and teachers of participating schools, conduct health survey and carry out fitness test for children. The Center will also obtain a baseline of the "Programme" by understanding the children's diet, exercise, static activities, sleep time, quality of life, and fitness tests, etc., and follow up on the effectiveness of the "Programme" later on. The number of schools participating in this "Programme" increased from 6 to 10 primary schools, with the number of students participating increased from 500 to 800 in total.

Ms. May Chung, General Manager of Nestlé Hong Kong Limited, said, "Nestlé Hong Kong is committed to creating shared value for the society. In addition to providing consumers with quality food products, we also actively promote nutrition and health for a good life. We use various activities to help nurture healthy children and hope the new "Nestlé for Healthier Kids Programme" can help more students to establish a healthier lifestyle and become a good partner for parents and schools in nurturing healthy children."


Professor Albert Lee, Founding Director of the Centre for Health Education and Health Promotion of the Chinese University of Hong Kong, shared, "According to our experience from the first "Nestlé for Healthier Kids Programme", providing students with educational information on healthy eating and exercise will help improve their knowledge thus further inspire positive behavioral changes. We hope that the upcoming school-based promotional activities can continue to uplift the health awareness of students and motivate them to develop healthy eating and living habits since early age, thus hoping to bring a positive impact on their long-term health."

[1] The World Health Organization recommends that children and adolescents aged 5-17 should do at least 60 minutes per day of moderate to vigorous-intensity activities across the week.


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Authors: Nestlé Hong Kong

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