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Queen Studios: Hyper-Real Statues and Figures Leave Event-Goers In Awe!

  • Written by Queen Studios
HONG KONG SAR - Media OutReach[1] - 20 December 2022 - Recently an award-winning statue and toy company held intimate events for some of the US’ and Asia’s largest pop-culture collectors. The limited edition hyper-real collectibles displayed left attendees in awe before going viral online. Queen Studios, the makers of these collectibles, since announced that more of these collectibles will be available for pre-order in the US, with plans on making them more accessible for US collectors.

In Fall 2022, Queen Studios brought a collection of their hyper-real collectibles capturing the likeness of characters and actors from Marvel and DC blockbuster movies. Queen Studios, also known as QS, has a well-earned reputation for recreating iconic cinematic moments in a variety of scales and styles.

Of the statues on display, the Spider-Man (Tom Holland) life-size bust, and the Doctor Strange (Benedict Cumberbatch) life-size bust particularly caught the eyes of fans. These busts are both made of platinum silicone, creating a skin-like look and feel which is soft to the touch. The clothes on the Strange bust are expertly tailored, and both feature hand punched hair and glass eyes that bring them both to life with a scary realism.

Fans of Warner Bros. and DC, fans also lined up for the opportunity to see these ground-breaking collectibles in person, stealing the opportunity to share the images and videos online with fans and collectors around the world.

From QS’ statue brand, the Arthur Fleck 1/3 statue from Todd Phillips Academy Award winning movie Joker stole the show. The statue depicts Joker (Joaquin Phoenix) as he dances gracefully along the white and green tiled bathroom floor just like the movie. To create this statue, the team worked tirelessly hand painting each piece to create a flawless skin texture, before layering fine sheep’s wool on the head sculpt to create a realistic look.

INART, the company’s 1/6 scale action figure brand also debuted at the event. These sixth scale figures will probably bring back fond memories of the superhero toys from your childhood, and that’s part of the appeal.

Made from the finest materials, these collectible figures are near perfect recreations of movie characters, such as the Heath Ledger Joker, Robert Pattinson’s The Batman and Gandalf (Sir Ian McKellen) from Peter Jackson’s The Lord Of The Rings.

While these types of figures have grown in popularity in recent years, the INART brand has taken the character likeness to another level. INART incorporate magnetic bases with movie elements to allow collectors to pose and display their figures just how the character looks in the movie.

As the event came to a close, collectors both in attendance and online had one burning question, “how can I order these collectibles?”. For US Collectors, some of Queen Studios’ Marvel collectibles can be ordered from Sideshow[2], the go to place for collectibles in the US. International collectors, and US collectors can also visit Queen Studios’ official store[3] and order directly from the company or click to be redirected to a local retailer.

In 2023, QS is expected to release a limited-edition Michael Jackson life-size bust and a Terminator T-800 bust with the likeness of Arnold Schwarzenegger. All these collectibles are limited and tend to sell out quickly.

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Authors: Queen Studios

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