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Kingdee (0268.HK) Takes Center Stage as China's Premier SaaS Company Unleashing a Game-Changing FREE ERP App for Hong Kong SMEs

  • Written by Kingdee International Software Group Company
HONG KONG SAR - Media OutReach Newswire[1] - 8 February 2024 - Kingdee International (0268.HK), the leading SaaS company in China, is proud to announce the launch of Kingdee Cloud Stellar, the first FREE ERP App designed exclusively for Hong Kong's small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). This groundbreaking solution empowers businesses to take charge of their future by providing comprehensive ERP functionalities tailored to their needs. With a limited availability of only 1,000 free quotas, this exclusive offer highlights the exceptional value it brings. Eligible Hong Kong SMEs are urged to act swiftly to secure their access to Kingdee Cloud Stellar and revolutionize their business operations.

Application User Interface (UI)

Resolving all kinds of management difficulties, facilitating business automation

In business operations, decision-makers must navigate a rapidly changing market environment, addressing challenges like swiftly adapting to new market demands, catering to personalized customer service, and keenly identifying market trends. Handling such challenges can be time-consuming, potentially reducing a company's competitive edge. Moreover, human management can lead to administrative chaos, including issues such as information silos, disjointed processes, inaccurate data, and complex inventory management, destabilizing growth. Concurrently, stringent financial controls are crucial to mitigate financial risks and prevent resource wastage. Thus, effective strategies and streamlined processes become essential for sustainable growth amidst evolving market dynamics.

To address various challenges, intelligent management is crucial. Kingdee has consistently provided enterprise management and cloud services, widely adopted across various industries.

The newly launched ERP system, Kingdee Cloud Stellar, is specially designed for local SMEs, it helps companies by streamlining the online operation system and digital management system, supports cross-platform with the functions below:

1. Financial Cloud: Provides comprehensive integration of business, finance, and taxation, enhancing businesses with financial functionalities like intelligent accounting, reporting, credit management, and asset oversight.

2. Purchase, Sales, and Inventory Cloud: Through integrated supply chain management, it minimizes expenses and boosts efficiency, showcasing comprehensive cost accounting across purchasing, sales, and warehouse operations, along with transaction oversight and operational analysis.

3. Tax Cloud: Acts as a tax expertise for companies and manage taxes through invoicing, incorporating functionalities like invoice handling, smart invoicing, invoice validation, and tax analysis control.

4. Order Marketplace: Construct a tailored online marketplace for enterprises, incorporating premium marketing, digital ordering, promotional strategies, interactive advertising, and versatile payment options.

Manage businesses on "Hand" with free ERP APP. Register for free trials!

With Kingdee Cloud Stellar APP, corporates can effortlessly handle various business issues in real-time, whether it's inventory, pricing, reports, or various documents, while easily grasping key data indicators. Furthermore, they can delve into data-driven deep analyses, crafting tailored analytical approaches to make precise and effective decisions. Once an enterprise adopts intelligent management, processes from procurement, financial management, inventory control to sales become traceable. The system is versatile, catering to over 300 industry-specific management attributes, facilitating an integrated approach to supply chain, financial, and tax management. Additionally, it offers tax risk analysis, aiding businesses in mitigating potential tax-related challenges across diverse sectors.

Kingdee is now offering a 3-year free access to Kingdee Cloud Stellar (Financial Cloud and Purchase, Sales, and Inventory Cloud) for those eligible local SMEs. Till now, Kingdee's service quality and safety have consistently been recognized, notably earning international information security certifications and domestic telecom-grade IDC data storage. This ensures data security, providing customers with confidence in its use.

Enhance business efficiency by management automation in various industries

Amidst the market's constant exploration and innovation, Kingdee's array of cloud service products has garnered significant acclaim as industry benchmarks.

Products included:

  1. Kingdee Cloud Cosmic (New Generation Enterprise-grade PaaS Platform)
  2. Kingdee Cloud Constellation (Large Enterprise EBC SaaS Solution)
  3. Kingdee Cloud Galaxy (High Growth Enterprise ERP Solution)
  4. Kingdee Cloud Stellar (Small Business SaaS Management Cloud)
  5. Kingdee Yunzhijia (Cloud-Hub Office Automation System)
  6. Kingdee Guanyi Cloud (E-commerce Cloud Service Platform)
So far Kingdee has provided services to over 7.4 million businesses worldwide, including Chow Tai Fook, Nan Fung Group, China Merchants Group, Huawei, Petro China International, Tao Heung Group and so on.

Through Kingdee's management system, their clients tackled key challenges like financial management, tax compliance, risk, and internal control. Kingdee's enterprise and cloud services efficiently streamline vast data, cutting down complexity and enhancing efficiency. This enables business leaders to make informed decisions using gathered insights, fostering collaborative business outcomes.

Ranked No.1 in Chinese SaaS market

IDC, the well-known market intelligence and demand generation company, announced IDC China Semiannual Enterprise Application (EA) Tracker, 2023 H1. In the report, Kingdee ranked 1st in SaaS EA, SaaS ERM (Cloud ERP) & Financial Cloud Service markets.

With its technologically advanced cloud services for medium to large enterprises, Kingdee has secured numerous top positions in China's SaaS market, establishing itself as a market leader.


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Authors: Kingdee International Software Group Company

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