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REBEL Fighting Championship Announces Media Deal with Reddentes Sports

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SINGAPORE - Media OutReach[1] - 25 April 2019 - REBEL Fighting Championship (FC), a dynamic Asian Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) sports entertainment company headquartered in Singapore, further cements its presence in Asia by joining forces with Reddentes Sports, a Singapore-based sports marketing agency, to promote and broadcast REBEL FC in Asia. This partnership will enable REBEL FC to expand its reach into six key markets in Asia -- Chinese Taipei, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines and Thailand, in addition to REBEL FC's already vast digital and TV audiences in China.

Reddentes Sports is well-known for its involvement in media distribution and strategy development for World Bowling, the global governing body for nine- and ten-pin bowling and being holder of media rights for Coppa Italia, Italy's premier cup competition, as well as England's prestigious Carabao Cup and the English League Championships, the highest division of the English Football League after the Premier League.

REBEL Fighting Championship Announces Media Deal with Reddentes Sports

"Reddentes Sports are always looking to work with partners to bring more exciting sports to the Asian audience and we are thrilled to be collaborating with Rebel FC, who have a proven track record of putting on one of the best MMA events in the business. We would like to thank Justin Leong (REBEL FC CEO) and the team for putting their faith in Reddentes and we look forward to securing as many broadcast opportunities to grow Rebel FC MMA in the region," said Mark Chew, Reddentes Sports Managing Director.

"We are excited to establish this partnership with Reddentes to bring live REBEL FC MMA shows to fans all over Asia, which will extend our last events' viewership numbers from average of 13 million to new heights. We're looking to further develop the sport in Asia and scout for top-athletes to represent their region and showcase their Martial Arts skills in our upcoming events that are soon to be announced," said Justin Leong, REBEL FC CEO.


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