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Moving forward: 4 data management trends to expect in 2022

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Data management is rapidly advancing with every passing year. In 2022, data management professionals expect to see some awesome updates in the way the system operates, with exciting outcomes as the result.

If you’ve been looking for the best data management Canberra has to offer, here are four things you can possibly expect from the service in 2022:

  1. Storage-agnostic data management will take center stage for modern data fabric

Data fabric is the framework that offers data visibility and the potential to move, replicate and access data across cloud resources and hybrid storage. Through essentially real-time analytics, it provides control to the data owners when it comes to storing the data across clouds so that the data can stay in the correct spot for when it is needed.

IT professionals will utilise data fabric architectures to access stored data and create storage-centric vs. data-centric management. So, instead of storing all the data on the same NAS, storage experts can utilise user feed and analytics to segment the files, such as moving important data to immutable cloud storage to defend against ransomware or copy the files for access by machine learning.

  1. Shift from structured data to unstructured data analytics

Traditional data science emphasised sending structured data to data warehouses. However, the world’s data is becoming unstructured, and machine learning requires unstructured data to operate.

Therefore, data scientists must broaden their skills to work with unstructured data analytics. They have to be able to incorporate the value from data that has no particular structure and ranges across seismic images, genomic files, video files, IoT data, user data and audio recordings.

Data scientists who develop these skills will remain current whilst experimenting with new unstructured data analytics capabilities and this will be big in 2022.

  1. Right data analytics” will surpass data analytics

There is a problem with big data: it is getting too big. It is creating murky data swamps that are hard to wade through and even harder to utilise. Finding the correct data wherever it was produced and using it for data analytics is huge because it will save employee effort and ample time whilst producing more valuable analysis.

So, keep your eye for the term “right data” in 2022!

  1. Data fabric will be a winning strategic IT trend

Data fabric acknowledges that your data exists in multiple locations, and the fabric can fill the gaps and produce enhanced portability, governance and visibility. Data fabric research has traditionally focused on structured data and semi-structured data.

But given that 90% of the world’s data is unstructured (sensor data, videos, X-rays, log files etc.) and this data has no schema, data analytics and data lakes applications are unable to access the data in locked files.

Data fabric technologies can fill the unstructured data storage and data analytics platforms. Analysis and leveraging unstructured data is becoming a vital strategic It trend because machine learning requires unstructured data to function. Data fabric technologies require standards-based, open operation across various environments.

2022 should see data fabric shift from being a grand idea to a set of architectural principles to follow. Tech experts and companies must incorporate unstructured data to their fata fabric to remain relevant in 2022.

2022, like any new digital year, promises to be huge for the way we store, access and view our data, especially when it comes to unstructured data surpassing its structured counterpart.


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