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Disrupting the IP Merchandising Industry with the Colletrix NFT Ecosystem

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Disrupting the IP Merchandising Industry with the Colletrix NFT Ecosystem
HONG KONG, Apr 30, 2019 - (ACN Newswire) - Colletrix announced today the official launch of its project and the release of its whitepaper, available for download on[1]. Project Colletrix will use blockchain technology to revolutionize the intellectual property (IP) and merchandising industries, bringing benefits to original IP owners and consumers alike. As part of the launch in conjunction with Bitwork Accelerator, Colletrix will submit its application for an initial exchange offering (IEO) on several exchanges later this month.

Colletrix will use ERC-721 non-fungible token (NFT) technology to transform IP creations / designs into digital assets, which can be paired with physical merchandise for sale as collectibles. The NFTs can then be collected and traded for resale by consumers on the reliable and secured crypto exchanges to unlock more benefits in the future.

Original IP owners, by receiving perpetual licensing fees from each trade of the NFT, can thereby receive lifelong monetization benefits from their creations, long after they have been passed around. Consumers, by owning a digital asset along with their physical merchandise, can not only support their favorite artists, designers and brands (the original IP owners), but also enjoy the appreciation value of the NFTs stemming from popularity of the designs.

By digitizing the IP economy and unlocking the true value to the original IP creators and the consumers, Colletrix will create an entirely new business model that combines the traditional and new economies, bringing out the best in both. By introducing the Colletrix token (CIPX, based on the ERC-20 standard), Colletrix will provide a distributed infrastructure platform to pair with the NFT trading platform which will allow consumers to purchase different types of physical collectible merchandise through its expandable ecosystem.

The project is backed by Bitwork Accelerator, UNDONE, Animoca Brands (including its strategic partners Cryptokitties and Decentraland) and Future Arena. UNDONE will deliver its expertise in collectible watch customization and merchandising, Animoca Brands will bring its strong collection of game and character IPs and gamification experience, while Future Arena will leverage its strong portfolio of sports / entertainment IPs and key opinion leaders - all to create a vibrant ecosystem of IP creation, trading and physical merchandising using blockchain technology.

Please view more information about Colletrix and its whitepaper here:

About Colletrix ([2]) Colletrix is backed by a talented team from UNDONE, Animoca Brands and Future Arena, aiming to revolutionize IP tokenization by introducing protection and monetization for IP owners and collectors, while providing merchandisers and consumers with trust in the authenticity of their products. UNDONE brings its merchandising expertise to showcase the benefits of blockchain technology for merchandise products, while Animoca introduces its vast and famous portfolio of character IPs with their sizable fan base and gamification elements.

About UNDONE ([3])Established in 2014 in Hong Kong, UNDONE is the world's leading custom watch label. Having built a sturdy and reliable foundation in the watch industry, UNDONE is ready to bring the whole industry into a new era with enhancement of cutting-edge blockchain technology.

In 2018, UNDONE joined the BITWORK Business Accelerator Program that aims to support projects with adopting blockchain technology into their business. BITWORK has since been providing blockchain business solutions to UNDONE for the exploration and creation of new market value.

About Animoca Brands ([4]) Animoca Brands (ASX: AB1) leverages gamification, blockchain, and artificial intelligence technologies to develop and publish a broad portfolio of mobile products including games such as The Sandbox, Crazy Kings, and Crazy Defense Heroes as well as products based on popular intellectual properties such as Garfield, Snoopy, Thomas & Friends(TM), Ever After High and Doraemon. Animoca Brands is the exclusive China distributor of CryptoKitties. The Company is based in Hong Kong, Canada, Finland, and Argentina.

About Future Arena ([5])Future Arena is a digital pioneer in sports IP development and commercialization, cultivating sports IP fanbases and bridging sports brands with their IP partners' large Chinese fanbase. Their goals are developing IP, creating business models and sharing profit together with the IP owners, including the likes of UEFA Champion League, La Liga, Manchester City, AC Milan, Real Madrid, Schalke 04, Filippo Inzaghi, Claudio Marchisio, Graziano Pelle and more.

Besides, Future Arena is the exclusive partner in Asia with Wyscout, the world's biggest digital football video data scouting platform, helping Asian professional football leagues, clubs and academies on improving team performance and scouting efficiency. Future Arena has three offices: the headquarters in Shanghai, one branch office in Beijing and one in Hong Kong.

About Bitwork Accelerator ([6]) Bitwork Accelerator is a program for blockchain companies of all stage which we help to match all kind of specific resources in private and public sector. It devotes itself to provide corporate-level blockchain business solutions and acceleration. Bitwork Accelerator will be focusing on every angle to help all industry locate the shortfalls in the conventional economic model, seeking new opportunities and enter a new economic model with blockchain technology.

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BitworkBryan Wu[email protected][13]


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