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Augmented Reality Interactive Fitness Games by Gym Aesthetics Set to Revolutionise the Global Fitness Industry

  • Written by Gym Aesthetics
HONG KONG SAR - Media OutReach - 28 October 2022 - The implementation of augmented reality (AR) in sports is set to redefine the fitness industry, offering entertaining experiences and providing significant analytics for players to enhance their playing skills. Gymetaverse by Gym Aesthetics is ready to lead the online "virtual training" trend.

German sports brand, Gym Aesthetics (GA) partnered with the Physical Fitness Association of Hong Kong, China (PFA) to exhibit at the 15th Health Expo 2022 at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre. First time introducing AR interactive fitness games to the public, the brand invited its brand ambassador, five-time MMA & Muay Thai World Champion, Alain Ngalani "The Panther"; and Hong Kong TV hosts, Brian Chan and Agnes Lam, to first experience the live AR games, including "Goal Keeping", "Jump & Dunk", and "Single Leg Balance".

Alain has been keeping in his top of shape and been fighting professionally in the One Championship competitions despite being at the age of 46. He joined Gym Aesthetics at the Expo and challenged to the AR interactive training games with Brian and Agnes. The world champion showed us how he defied age by taking care of his muscles and joint health.

During the AR fitness games, Brian's "Goal Keeping" result was recorded as quick as 0.45s, whereas Alain's "Jump & Dunk" result hit an all-time-high at 1.03m. Agnes also showed impressive results in the balancing challenge. Gym Aesthetics aimed to raise joint health awareness through fun educational facts and interactive fitness games.

As Gym Aesthetics' "Joint Guardian", Alain "The Panther" volunteered and led Brian and Agnes to do some live training demonstration with the audience, where they shared their workout tips and showed us some simple exercises that could benefit knee joints and strengthen surrounding muscles. To close the event, Alain brought his team on stage to demonstrate some powerful boxing training and impressive pad work. The world champion even surprised the crowd with his signature performance "Leg Split in the Air" and elevated whole event.

Alain as the "Joint Guardian", is missioned to educate and show us the importance of joint health and how supporting gears can benefit and extend our joint lifespan. He will soon be launching an exclusive training course for strengthening joints and muscles. Stay tuned on Gym Aesthetics Facebook and Instagram platforms for more details.

Gym Aesthetics joined the PFA 35th Anniversary on the main stage for a Community Health & Sports Sharing Session throughout the 3-day Expo. The brand's Digital Marketing Manager, Roy Tsang, shared the brand's visions of sports safety, "GA's vision was to remind everyone to protect their joints before doing sports to prevent injuries. We were all "Joint Guardians" to ourselves and missioned to extend our joint and sports lifespan." With supporting gears GA Fit Gear PRO, including knee, elbow, and calf sleeves, they ingeniously help with joint stability and balance, while reducing joint pain with increased blood circulation that aids muscle recovery.

To support the concept of "Sports for All" that includes the disabled community, Gym Aesthetics sponsors an NGO event "Wheel For Oneness" that will take place on 29th October. Gym Aesthetics has also been working with professional athletes and coaches, and will launch a FitToEarn fitness training mobile app "Gymetaverse" next year. Through AR amplification and AI technology, the brand aims to launch engaging projects where participants can win prizes by completing challenges, and promote the big health concept.

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