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Heritage Brand Yun Nam Hair Care Partners With Social Media Influencers to Promote a More Youthful Image

  • Written by Yun Nam Hair Care

SINGAPORE - Media OutReach[1] - 8 December 2021 - Well known heritage brand Yun Nam Hair Care is reaching out to younger consumers with the help of popular social media influencers like Mongchin Yeoh, better known to her Instagram followers by her handle, Mongabong.


Over the past decade, social media has become an integral part of people's lives. In this age when digital technology reigns supreme, it is no wonder that brands large and small see the value in collaborating with online personalities to increase brand awareness, and share reviews of their products, especially to younger audiences.


Famous for their herbal hair treatments featuring premium Chinese herbs such as ginseng, dang gui and he shou wu, Yun Nam Hair Care[2] has been helping individuals in the island city with their hair and scalp issues for over 37 years. Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and cutting-edge technology work hand-in-hand in the creation of Yun Nam's anti-hair loss treatments. Reduced hair fall, increased hair growth, and a healthier scalp are among the promised effects of their treatment sessions. 


Rising Trends in Brand-Influencer Partnerships


The trend towards partnering with social media influencers has seen brands not only reach a wider range of interested audiences, but also gain the trust of consumers via the mediated presence of the influencer.  Already, the Covid-19 pandemic has proven that social media can be an effective way of communicating useful healthcare information.


Many brands have also diversified their online presence through creating their own social media channels. Mongabong has also participated in multiple YouTube videos filmed in conjunction with Yun Nam Hair Care[3], including one of her reviewing her favourite hair care treatments, and another on scalp care tips for beginners.


Yeoh might be one of the brand's fresher faces, but this hair care brand has no shortage of famous fans. Popular media personality in Singapore, Dennis Chew, and veteran actress Xiang Yun are numbered among the numerous homegrown celebrities who've appreciated Yun Nam's hair and scalp solutions.


The herbal solutions offered by Yun Nam are customised to every individual's unique hair and scalp conditions to ensure that root causes are eliminated to restore hair to its natural healthy state. Interested parties can sign up for a $28 trial session[4] of Yun Nam's signature hair and scalp treatment.


Yun Nam's New Customer Feedback and Review System


Regardless of the famous faces that have publicly endorsed the brand, it is undeniable that Yun Nam has made their mark as a reputable brand in the consciousness of Singapore consumers. This is evidenced in their yearly receipt of the Reader's Digest Trusted Brand Award for 8 consecutive years. This award is bestowed based on consumer votes towards the different brands that have added significant value to their lives.


The hair care brand has recently launched a feedback system, aptly named "WeCare". This system allows customers to leave their review upon the completion of each treatment session, to ensure high service standards remain upheld. 



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Authors: Yun Nam Hair Care

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