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Enjoying the beauty of Shanxi and cheering for the Winter Olympics Shanxi Winter Tourism Promotion and Exchange Activities Week Began on January 22

  • Written by Shanxi Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism

HONG KONG SAR - Media OutReach[1] – 22 January 2022 - On January 22, the launching ceremony of Shanxi Winter Tourism Promotion and Exchange Activities Week was held in Taiyuan, the capital city of Shanxi Province in China, whose theme is to enjoy the beauty of Shanxi and cheer for the Winter Olympics. Besides, it is co-sponsored by Shanxi Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism, Shanxi Provincial Sports Bureau and Datong Municipal People's Government, aiming to show the rich and diversified tourism resources of Shanxi to tourists at home and abroad and attract many international friends, athletes and tourists to Shanxi and enjoy its beautiful scenery with the influence of the Winter Olympics.

At present, Shanxi follows the trend of the times and promotes the high-quality development of the cultural and tourism industry. At the launching ceremony, the leaders of Shanxi Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism, Shanxi Provincial Sports Bureau and members of the tour publicity group of Shanxi Winter Tourism Promotion and Exchange Activities jointly completed the flag-giving ceremony. With the theme song of the Beijing Winter Olympics "Together for a Shared Future" sounded, the event officially opened.


Subsequently, the organizers posted the Shanxi Winter Tourist Map which included rich tourism resources and Shanxi winter classic tourist routes, for example, the wild and unrestrained trip outside the border, the comfortable and warm winter pilgrimage trip, the warm winter roaming trip, the primitive Shanxi culture trip, the Taihang leisure winter tour and the Yellow River customs trip. These activities provided a guide for the vast number of tourists to explore Shanxi, unlock new ways to move through the winter and start a wonderful trip.


At the scene, in addition to the release of 6 lines, the activity also invited special guests. A representative of an international friend from Russia described his indissoluble bond with Shanxi. There were all kinds of wonderful interactions at the event site, which highly promoted the atmosphere of the event. Moreover, not only did the crosstalk actor Gong Rui bring Shanxi's version of crosstalk performance "Shanxi's Good Scenery", but also the Guinness World Record holder, Master Wang Zhanglong, demonstrated the "flour balloon" stunt, making outstanding contributions to spreading Shanxi noodle culture.


In the following week, the Shanxi winter tour group composed of guests from all over the world and Shanxi's best tour guide will go to Datong, Xinzhou and Pingyao to start the winter tour. 



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Authors: Shanxi Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism

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