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Stay At Home Comfortably With Senoko Energy's Cost-Efficient Plans

  • Written by Senoko Energy
  • Senoko Energy diversifies its promotional electricity bundles and price plans to service their consumers.
  • The LifePower24 electricity bundles now offer greater personalisation for customers to enjoy lifestyle and entertainment promotions.
  • New and existing consumers get access to Senoko Energy's rewards programme which includes a suite of lifestyle discounts, promotions and giveaways. 

Stay At Home Comfortably With Senoko Energy's Cost-Efficient Plans

SINGAPORE - Media OutReach[1] - April 9, 2020 - Senoko Energy is rolling out LifePower24 electricity bundles that are cost-effective and focused on consumption habits of consumers. The offerings of lifestyle services and entertainment packs are suited to meet different needs in the market.


As Singapore's largest power generation company, Senoko Energy has been serving the electricity needs of the market since 1977 and has a legacy of expertise from delivering electricity to the national grid as well as retail energy packages in the contestable market.


Stay At Home Comfortably With Senoko Energy's Cost-Efficient Plans


H2 Senoko Energy Value Bundles For Homeowners

With private retailers coming into the open electricity market, continual innovation and pricing strategies benefit consumers through customised value energy deals. Just how much can the liberalisation of the electricity market benefit the end consumer when it comes to savings? Ultimately, it comes down to usage, lifestyle and preferences.


The LifePower24 electricity product bundles from Senoko Energy offer homeowners an attractive rate of 18.10 cents/kWh along with other benefits - including rebates and lifestyle value add-ons. These price plans[2] run for 24 months, giving you the certainty of a fixed rate for your electricity bills.


Homeowners are encouraged to pick the electricity bundle plan that best fits their needs and there is no better time to revisit electricity price plans than now. With more people working from home and students transitioning to full home-based learning, making smarter choices can help homeowners obtain substantial cost savings while leveraging beneficial value add-ons. One such plan offers homeowners with a $40 electricity bill rebate and an additional free month of StarHub Entertainment and Broadband, inclusive of a Netflix subscription. (worth $79.90/month).


The bundle delivers a value-packed all-in-one television entertainment, broadband and Netflix subscription that is cost-effective. Conveniently packaged to meet entertainment preferences of adults and children, the LifePower24 StarHub entertainment bundle has top-class streaming services and programmes suitable for when you unwind at home.


Read more on Senoko Energy's Electricity Price Plans here. [3]


Homeowners who power up with Senoko Energy also get access to the Senoko Smart Rewards[4] programme - a suite of discounts, privileges and promotional offers that deliver greater value by maximising on existing bundles and price plans. Merchant rewards span from lifestyle perks to home services. One example of a reward suitable for homeowners is a 15% discount off home cleaning and aircon maintenance services by ServisHero, an online service-booking app.


Read more on the Senoko Smart Rewards Programme here. [5]


Stay At Home Comfortably With Senoko Energy's Cost-Efficient Plans


H2 Switching To Senoko Energy

The liberalisation of the electricity market is a gateway to accessing an extensive range of bundles that are competitively priced and personalised to suit your energy needs based on your lifestyle choices. Beyond budget considerations, consumer experience is a significant part of levelling the now dynamic electricity market. Competitive pricing alone hardly makes the cut in the OEM. Increased dynamism in the market is why retailers like Senoko Energy are consistently innovating solutions that are interest-driven and flexible - a relevant and necessary value-add in the OEM.


As the largest energy generator by capacity in Singapore, Senoko Energy offers energy supply chain solutions and deals that are flexible, reliable and consumer-focused.


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Authors: Senoko Energy

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