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Online Rich establishes a cross-border e-commerce startup ecosystem to help Hong Kong's original brands enter the global market

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HONG KONG SAR - Media OutReach[1] - 12 August 2021 - The coronavirus pandemic has brought upon unprecedented challenges to Hong Kong's economy. With a high unemployment rate, making the situation more challenging for many Hong Kong people. Online Rich[2], an e-commerce system founded by Good Timing Holding Ltd (Asia's leading e-commerce solutions company), has launched a new and innovative e-commerce operation model, committed to assisting Hong Kong's brands to go worldwide and creating a global cross-border e-commerce ecosystem. Online Rich's innovative e-commerce business model provides potential entrepreneurs a low-cost and automated cross-border platform to create business opportunities without any geographical and time restrictions.

Online Rich establishes a cross-border e-commerce startup ecosystem to help Hong Kong's original brands enter the global market

Online Rich - introducing the new model for low-cost E-SHOP. Provides one-stop service with dropship newbies


Online Rich innovative e-commerce business model


The Online Rich platform provides a one-stop entrepreneurial system for zero-experience entrepreneurs and small and medium-sized enterprises with limited operational risk costs. Online Rich has a team of professionals using big data to prudently select and analyse a wide range of products for the targeted markets, which allows the entrepreneurs to easily hand-pick a large range of hot-selling products at cost prices and lists automatically on their own online store. Online Rich handles the sales for the entrepreneurs, so they do not have to worry about warehousing or keeping inventory. In addition, Online Rich has a local and an international professional team to provide comprehensive support and assistance to e-commerce novices, including onboarding services, tailor-made localized content for social media, other e-commerce platforms, which greatly improves the success rate of starting an online business.


Online Rich automatic integrated sales system


Online Rich's new automatic sales system combines product selection, sales and customer service functionality to simplify traditional and cumbersome management procedures. After the user completes the design of the online store, s/he only needs to add the products to sell on the platform, and the professional team of Online Rich will handle the inventory and logistics. Users can use the Online Rich App to monitor the real-time sales and profits at any time. The system can also help entrepreneurs to capture more leads and increase the conversion rates by sending emails regularly to customers, broadcasting new product information, keeping tracks of purchased customers, etc. Online Rich's professional assistance and its automatic integrated sales system enable users to focus on products launch and marketing. It is simple and easy to operate, suitable for entrepreneurs with zero experience.


Break allboundaries and be the first to enter overseas markets


The local online business is highly competitive, yet the market is small. Online Rich is committed to establishing a barrier-free cross-border e-commerce platform for entrepreneurs, helping users to enter overseas markets smoothly by minimising the "language barriers" and "cultural differences". Online Rich's professionals assist in tailor-designed for brand websites, creating marketing content that caters to local culture and promoting sales via social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram to accurately target customers overseas such as Europe and North America.


Online Rich's innovative e-commerce business model is well differentiated from the high cost and high threshold of entrepreneurship in the past. It is suitable for novice entrepreneurs to establish e-commerce business with low cost and low risk, and for SMEs which are looking for solution to turn loss into profit.



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