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Green Common begins new chapter in green diets

  • Written by Green Common

SHANGHAI, CHINA - Media OutReach[1] - 11 October 2021 - Green Common championed sustainability through discovering the endless potential of vegan diets, offering diverse, quality vegan choices, and has since become a household name for its unique combination of plant-based retail and eatery. Since the opening of its first Shanghai store in 2020, Green Common continues its mission to promote plant-based meat, diets and products, boosting the ever-growing awareness for plant-based food. As healthy, sustainable lifestyle takes root, an increasing number of consumers began to choose green diets as a healthier option. Expanding at an astounding rate this year, Green Common opens up two stores in prime locations Hall of the Sun and Taikoo Li Qiantan, opening up new doors for plant-based diets to penetrate different stratums.



Green Common begins new chapter in green diets

Green Common's latest stores introduces the new brand colour: Green Common Aqua, its tranquil colours showcases the boundless spectrum of nature. The walls are embellished with organic shapes in a warm sand colour, creating a natural, spacious setting for the perfect dining experience. The brand-new Vegan Drinks Bar uses carefully selected plant-based ingredients to curate healthy and low-calorie drinks, with a choice of adding vegan milk foam for a frothy yet light enjoyment. The new stores continues Green Common's signature combination of retail and restaurant, inviting customers to bring the premium plant-based experience home.


Mr David Yeung, the Founder and CEO of Green Common and Green Monday Group, said, "We are glad to see sustainable lifestyles becoming more widespread and valued across the nation. As the pioneer of the industry, we are beyond proud to open Green Common in the prestigious landmarks Hall of the Sun, Ruihong Tiandi and Taikoo Li Qiantan. We will continue our endeavour to discover the boundless potential of vegan cuisine, creating a beautiful green future where delectable food, innovation, sustainability, health and accessibility can co-exist in total harmony."

Revolutionary vegan dining leads next generation diets

Green Common brings never-before-seen vegan menus to its new stores, revolutionising the perception of vegan dishes by courses curated from the OmniPork series, including OmniPork Mince, OmniPork Strip and OmniPork Luncheon. The brand new menu includes innovative dishes such as Omni-Lolli-Pork, Skewer Platter, Moving Mountains Mala Burger and the "fish" dishes featuring the ground-breaking OmniSeafood series, including Hot Pickled Omni Ocean Burger, OmniTuna Tartare, O! Crab Cake, Omni Fish & Chips and Deep Fried Curry Oat Omni Golder Fillet, delighting all with appetising dishes. Furthermore, the menu would be categorised to cater to all customers with dietary needs. The "Light & Yummy Menu" is designed especially for health and beauty-lovers, all dishes are labelled with calorie content, ranging from 120-300 and boasting a 200-calorie average, providing a light and delectable meal to customers.


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