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Philips PML9506 4K UHD MiniLED Android Display Launches in Taiwan in Time for Disney+

  • Written by Philips

TAIPEI, TAIWAN - Media OutReach[1] - 19 January 2022 - The Philips PML9506 4K UHD MiniLED Android Display is now available in Taiwan. This display's new MiniLED and quantum dot technology brings you the deepest blacks and the most vibrant colors. From gaming to movies, it gives you a picture so lifelike you'll want to reach out and touch it. With MiniLED, over a thousand intelligent backlight zones are independently dimmed or brightened to enable pin-sharp contrast and real depth.  It's the perfect display for the launch of Disney+ in Taiwan, with exciting new content that will look and sound amazing on the PML9506. This new display is available in a choice of 75" and 65" screen sizes to suit your lifestyle and viewing environment.


The best picture and sound technology

This 4K UHD HDR display's Philips P5 processor with AI delivers a picture so real that you will feel like you could step right into it. Dolby's premium sound and video formats, Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos, can help your HDR content look and sound glorious.


Of course, now all those features look even better, thanks to MiniLED technology making the picture even more vivid. No matter what you're watching, or playing, it's all looks bigger and more immersive with the magic of 4-sided Ambilight extending the experience into the room.


Smart Android TV with voice control


You can easily control your Philips Android TV by simply telling it what you want. If you'd like to play a game, or watch movies and shows, or find content and apps in the Google Play store, then just push a button on the remote to talk to the Google Assistant. It can understand. You can even command all your Google Assistant-compatible smart home devices – for example, dimming your lights and setting your aircon temperature just right for movie night. You can do that all without leaving the comfort of your sofa. Or you can ask Alexa to control the display via Alexa-enabled devices.


Ready for anything with key industry standard support


The Philips PML9506 is built with DTS Play-Fi wireless audio streaming technology, bringing the best wireless audio ecosystem to your home, allowing you to control all your DTS Play-Fi-enabled products via Wi-Fi, and stream music simultaneously, bringing an unprecedented sound revolution to your home entertainment experience. The PML9506 also features improved sound quality and storage space, with Mimi Sound's personalized health volume function, which creates a more enjoyable listening experience by tailoring sound patterns to your ears through listening tests. The storage space has been upgraded from 3GB to 4GB, and the storage space for applications, files and software has been doubled from 16GB to 32GB, which exceeds the industry standard.


Always gaming ready: Auto-switched ultra-low latency


The Philips PML9506 features a 120Hz native display panel and supports technologies such as Variable Refresh Rate (VRR). There's also Automatic Low Latency Mode (ALLM) which automatically switches to ultra-low latency settings when you start gaming, to support high speed action games. This allows players to enjoy a lag-free and smooth experience. From catching up on dramas, to watching movies, to playing games, the Philips PML9506 redefines home entertainment.


Price and availability

The MSRP of Philips 75" PML9506 is NT$99,900 and 65" PML9506 is NT$69,900.


For more information, please visit Philips 75" PML9506 and Philips 65" PML9506[2][3]


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