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Cellini Unveils New Flagship Store at Changi Business Park, Redefining Furniture Shopping in Singapore

  • Written by Cellini
SINGAPORE - Media OutReach[1] - 24 November 2023– In a strategic move to redefine the world of furniture and its legacy of excellence spanning 37 years, Cellini recently introduced its new flagship store at Changi Business Park[2]. Situated in the heart of a bustling financial hub, this sixth showroom not only showcases a stunning collection of premium furniture but also embodies the brand's commitment to artistic expression. Having officially opened its doors, the flagship store blends the charm of time-honoured traditions with cutting-edge innovation with features such as Interactive Galleries and a combined Head Office, among others.

Cellini proudly unveils its transformative Flagship store and Experience Centre at Changi Business Park.

Setting New Standards for Luxury Furniture Shopping Adapting to the evolving needs of contemporary customers, Cellini’s new flagship store promises an exclusive retail experience beyond the ordinary. At its core, this transformative destination features Interactive Galleries, where customers can engage in hands-on experiences with fabric samples leveraged to deliver the plush comfort the brand's sofas[3] and mattresses[4] are renowned for. Test and interact with various samples and revel in their impressive stain-repelling abilities, all under the expert guidance of experienced staff who will be designated throughout the Test and Try Areas to provide personalised advice. Customers can even bring home free swatch samples to experience the essence of art in every corner of their homes.

Extending beyond the boundaries of sensory immersion delivered through visual aesthetics, art, decor, textures, materials, aroma, and comfort, this store further helps transform creative visions into reality by meticulously curating a selection of handpicked furniture that resonates with homeowner's unique styles. Explore the exclusive and newest collections at this Cellini flagship store, including the Evita Modular Fabric Sofa with Removable Cushion Covers, the Louvre Series with fluted panels in walnut and more to elevate your living spaces with distinctive designs. Straight from the Cellini[5] factory to customers' homes, unnecessary costs are also eliminated, ensuring unbeatable savings that empower the furnishing of dream homes without straining budgets.

Elevating Your Experience with Unmatched Customer Care Celebrated for its exceptional craftsmanship and distinctive design, the new Cellini store also offers patrons the opportunity to embark on an unparalleled virtual journey from the comforts of their own homes. Through virtual showrooms, customers can explore different furniture and even take specific measurements of certain pieces. And poised to set new standards, the store's Head Office aims to provide a cohesive environment for customers to enhance their decision-making process and issue resolution. This space also serves as a valuable resource hub for collecting customer feedback, guiding product and service improvements.

Cellini's latest flagship establishment reaffirms its dedication as the foremost destination for design enthusiasts. Expanding on its existing network of showrooms across Singapore, this sixth location invites customers to immerse themselves in the brand's passion for lifestyle innovation.


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