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KOREA FESTIVAL SINGAPORE 2023 will be taking place in Singapore for 2 months

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SINGAPORE - Media OutReach Newswire[1] - 8 December 2023 - The "Korea Festival Singapore 2023" will be hosted by K-Festival Ltd and Snow City. between 16 December 2023 and 25 February 2024, associating with Science Centre Singapore as its venue partner. The festival will be focusing on interacting with visitors and will comprise of four main events: K-Tech Expo, Twinkle, and K-POP Cover Dance Festival.

K-Festival Ltd plans to promote Korean traditional culture and Korean food with Korea Food Grand Master Center and Korean Food Grand masters. Additionally, as Korean food and technologies have recently been widespread among several media, the Korean food grandmasters will be invited to the festival. Visitors will also get an exceptional opportunity to sample tastings and visit the booth for new and innovative technologies and there would be Hanbok rental shop so visitors can enjoy Korean traditional costume Hanbok by taking pictures.

K-Tech Expo

The K-Tech Expo is anticipated to be known as one of the global technology networking exhibitions. This event focuses on inviting future technologies and leading prestigious companies such as Infomining based in South Korea. As South Korea is one of the countries that has sharply developed technology industries such as AI, Robotic technology, and medical devices, some leaders of the industries will be introduced and hope to share their knowledge and competitive advantages at the K-Tech EXPO.

Program 1. Business matching day

It is planned to provide EXPO-joined companies and local buyers with the opportunity to network with industry leaders, like-minded peers, potential clients, and even future employers. In addition to networking, it can lead to collaborations, partnerships, or new job opportunities. The more exciting side is discovering a community that they vibe well with.

Program 2. K-Tech Talk: Korea AI Ethics Symposium 2023

It is scheduled to share the experts' professional knowledge with people who are into developing science technologies. Especially as various guest speakers who are professors and have prestigious positions in their companies will participate, visitors will be able to get valuable opportunities to learn theoretical and practical knowledge.

Apart from these main events, science classes will be conducted for children. This program does not focus only on learning theoretical science; children will be strongly motivated to enjoy science. In detail, there will be a drone-scoring game that children can directly play with mini-drones and compete with other children. Additionally, there will be science experiments to explain science concepts intuitively to children.

Twinkle: K-POP Goods Exhibition

This event is specially scheduled for K-POP fans. In detail, the K-POP Merchandise Store offers a wide range of K-POP merchandise, featuring over 100 items from renowned labels like SM, YG, HIVE, JYP, CUBE, and more. This means that K-POP lovers can access a number of goods all in one space. It would be a good opportunity for people to fall in love with new K-pop groups as fans. This unique space hosts engaging events such as K-POP Pop-up stores, featuring vibrant lighting, KPOP-themed photo zones, KPOP Idol photo frame booths (Photoism), and captivating curation displays.

KCDF: K-POP Cover Dance Festival

This event is expected to involve K-POP lovers to dance with K-POP. It will be a tournament contest and the final top 5 teams will get special rewards. The main reason why we plan this project is for all K-POP lovers to come together!

K-Festival, as the host of this event, hopes that this event will be a milestone for networking between Korean and other global companies. Additionally, K-Festival tries to create opportunities, not only by making a strong network between technology companies, but also by spreading K-Beauty, K-Food and K-Bio globally.


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