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Economist Impact’s Technology for Change Asia to gather Asia-Pacific leaders and delve into the latest technology solutions tackling challenges for businesses and people

  • Written by Economist Impact
HONG KONG SAR - Media OutReach Newswire[1] - 8 February 2024 - Technology for Change Asia[2] will be held in Hong Kong on February 27th-28th 2024 at the Grand Hyatt Hong Kong. This marks the beginning of a three-year commitment to stage the annual conference in the city.

The 3rd annual Technology for Change Asia was held in Singapore in March 2023.

Curated by Economist Impact and chaired by The Economist's deputy editor, Tom Standage, the event will welcome 60 technology pioneers to share thought-provoking insights with an audience of 300 solutions-oriented leaders from across Asia-Pacific. Two days of dynamic conversation will cover hot topics including artificial intelligence, Web3, DeFi and crypto, the future of work, and the role of the Greater Bay Area (GBA) in applying technology for impact.

Speaking ahead of the event, Tom Standage, Deputy editor, The Economist, said, "Technology is a welcome bright spot in a world beset by uncertainty and conflict. In fields from artificial intelligence to medicine, electric vehicles to solar power, the pace of progress is defying expectations—on the upside. But technology will only change lives for the better, and play a vital role in tackling global challenges, if it is deployed in an ethical and sustainable manner. Our aim in convening this event is to lead the discussion to ensure that it is."

Globally renowned thought-leaders in powwow to make a change An expert speaker line-up featuring the founder of Wikipedia, Jimmy Wales; futurologist and popular science writer, Michio Kaku; and leaders from Intel, Lenovo, J.P. Morgan, Amazon Web Services, Klook, EY, PayMe HSBC, Temasek, Tata Communications and more will unite in Hong Kong to deep-dive into how these technologies could reduce digital and financial inequality, transform the future of work and talent, and shape the future use of artificial intelligence.

Speaking ahead of the event, Mr Wales said: "The rise of generative AI will be as big as the invention of the World Wide Web, transforming and touching every organisation in every industry."

Mr Kaku shared: "There are two computer revolutions rocking the world today. The first is a software revolution, heralded by chat bots which can write articles on a wide variety of topics better than most humans. This revolution rivals the ability of humans to write journals, essays, books, even songs, and raises the question of how intelligent AI systems have become. The second revolution may give us quantum computers millions of times more powerful than any digital computer. This revolution may give us control over life itself, with the ability to unravel fiendishly complex chemical and physical reactions that control cancer, photosynthesis, ageing, fusion, the weather, and even stars. Together, these two revolutions will redefine what we mean by intelligence.

See the full list of speakers here[3].

Agenda highlights:

  • Ministerial keynote address
  • Web3 innovation: data, cyber-security and decentralisation
  • DeFi and crypto: regulation, future trends and inclusion
  • The future of talent: reskilling and maximising opportunities in the virtual economy
  • The role of the Greater Bay Area in applying technology for impact
  • Traveltech: what novel solutions will boost tourism's return?
  • How can countries become the next "smart nation"?
  • The future of work: AI as a co-pilot
  • Adopting AI: how to govern and regulate AI
See the full agenda here[4].

Asif Chaudhury, Managing Director, Asia at Economist Impact, said: "Asia-Pacific has unique challenges, but new technologies put resilient economic growth and a more sustainable future within reach. Through an exciting mix of keynote addresses, panel discussions and debates, Technology for Change Asia will showcase the latest technology solutions resonating with today's socially conscious consumers, attracting and retaining talent, and contributing to positive social change. Hong Kong—a financial centre and leading innovation and technology hub—is the ideal place to drive the conversation on change. We look forward to setting new milestones for our flagship event leveraging what Hong Kong has to offer"

The Event is sponsored by TATA Communications and Ernst & Young, and supported by Brand Hong Kong, The Hong Kong Tourism Board and InvestHK. Live translation into Cantonese and Putonghua will be offered by KUDO.

To register for the event, click here[5].

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