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The First Global Tech-Innovation Summit on Art Finance was successfully held in Singapore

  • Written by Asia Blockchain Industry Institute

A gala for technology innovationA digital economy summit held to celebrate artA grand gathering of artists, bankers, scientists and politicians

SINGAPORE - Media OutReach[1] - 7 October 2019 - Co-hosted by Asia Blockchain Industry Institute, Singapore Mo Yu Zhai Art Gallery and the International Association of Art, the 1st Global Tech-Innovation Summit on Art Finance was successfully held at Raffles Town Club in Singapore. 10 members of parliament, 10 ministers, 3 engineering academicians, 100 top talents from different industries, renowned investment institutions and esteemed guests gathered in the Lion City to engage in inspiring inter-industry dialogues on blockchain and digital economy development.


The one-day event features keynote speeches and panel discussions, followed by an award presentation ceremony of blockchain projects for their excellence and impact on fintech and art development. Among the esteemed guests were Mr. Seng Han Thong, former member of the Parliament of Singapore; Mr. Carlos Antonio Moreno, Ambassador of Guinea-Bissau to Indonesia; Mr. Xiao Jiang Hua, head of the China Cultural Centre (Singapore); and Mr. David Pu, Economic Executive of Republic of Senegal. EHE International and CWIOS were the sponsoring organizations.


Mr. Chen Bohui, Chairman of Asia Blockchain Industry Institute, welcomed all the distinguished guests at the opening remarks: "The purpose of the Summit is to encourage technology innovation and art appreciation. Blockchain technology is poised to decentralize and transform traditional industries in profound ways.We hope to push Chinese art pieces to the global stage and encourage knowledge exchange on the inheritance of valuable art pieces and on blockchain application."

The First Global Tech-Innovation Summit on Art Finance was successfully held in Singapore

Pane Discussion, from left to right:  

1.      Mr. Chen Bohui, Host of the Panel, Chairman of Asia Blockchain Industry Institute;

2.      Mr. Ren Jianhui, President of the Singapore Artists Association

3.      Mr. Jack Yang, Former Principal Scientist at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory

4.      Mr. Zhu Youping, Deputy Director at China Economic Information Co., Ltd. affiliated to State Information Center

5.      Mr. Huang Lianjin, Chief Security Expert of China Mobile Communications Association Blockchain Committee

6.      Mr. Zhao Yong, Chairman of ACM/IEEE Cloud Computing Big Data Conference


Panel discussion hosted by Mr. Chen Bohui witnessed inspiring conversations and dialogues among intellectuals and opinion leaders. Guests talked about new trends in art and finance, gave in-depth analysis regarding to art appreciation and fintech innovation. Many guests were also invited to take a tour in Singapore during China's National Gold Week holiday to explore business opportunities in Singapore and in South East Asia regions.


To view the original Chinese press release and download event photos, please click here:!AnGgYhfCjHRbry6HiezL5g3aFX5X?e=yEPdmh[2]

Authors: Asia Blockchain Industry Institute

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