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Hong Kong-Based Blockchain Project SmartUp Gathers Global Elites To Build Smart Blockchain Incubating Ecosystem

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Hong Kong-Based Blockchain Project SmartUp Gathers Global Elites To Build Smart Blockchain Incubating Ecosystem
HONG KONG, May 18, 2018 - (ACN Newswire) - Blockchain technology is sweeping the globe and industries, hence driving companies and entrepreneurs to join the revolution. To tackle the current challenges of fundraising, resources matching, and low market transparency, Hong Kong based blockchain project SmartUp is dedicated to build a smart incubating ecosystem, and connects potential startups with global investors and resources.

"China does not only play an active role in the global venture communities. She is also one of the largest countries of blockchain adoption. In the past few years, I have been working closely with angel investors and ventures on different startup projects, and found that many good ideas lost their brightness after few years as they cannot match with quality capital and resources. Our vision is to nurture startups with technology and our global networks. Being a Hong Kong based project, we dedicate to connect Asia projects with global funding, resources & talents. With blockchain technology, our platform will provide projects and investors with transparent, credible and accurate information." Ric Wu, Founder of SmartUp commented on recent Chinese President Xi JinPing's supportive statement on nurturing Hong Kong as an international technology innovation hub to achieve China's innovation-driven development strategy.

SmartUp gathers professionals with global finance, startups and blockchain development experiences, including Mr. Ric Wu, Founder Of SmartUp. Ric served as management in different global financial institutions and has extensive experience in international capital operation and overseas listing for Chinese companies; Mr. Chris Yuan, former CTO of Hong Kong famous online freight logistics platform GoGoVan will be the CTO of SmartUp. Besides core team, global professionals also showed their support and formed the consulting team, including Mr. Ricky Ng, Co-Founder Of iClick Interactive, one of the largest digital advertising platforms in Greater China. Besides Ricky, other consulting team members came across from international firms like PWC & The Boston Consulting Group and served as venture capital consultants in Korea, China & Japan.

More and more international professional service providers including Flag Point Business School, a certificated business school by the China Communication Industry Association Professional Committee Of Blockchain (CCIAPCB); Across Asia Communications Limited, an award winning PR agency dedicated to nurture startups; L&Y Law Office, a law firm proficient in IPO, merge & acquisition, private equity investment and finance; ALE&CO, a professional accounting firm with expertise in China GAAP & IFRS joined SmartUp ecosystem as co-workers and willing to accept SIT token for their professional fees to incubate blockchain projects smoothly.

"We will have different incubatees from Japan, South Korea and China joining us in coming months, to provide comprehensive support, we are working hard to identify more professional service providers across the region to join us. Our Smart Credit Check features a comprehensive smart credit rating system which provides trustful reference to project owners, investors and service providers." Mr.Wu concluded.

For more information, please visit[1]

About SmartUpSmartUp is a global blockchain incubating platform connecting enterprises and individuals. It connects diversified types of projects, companies, individuals, and services, as a result of irrefutable, transparent and temper-free features. The platform also provides a comprehensive service for startups through SIT, which would help create a complete credit system. For detailed information, please visit:[2]

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