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Hangcheng GBA Youth Entrepreneurship (Employment) Camp: Helping Returning Students Starting Jobs or Own Businesses

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Hangcheng GBA Youth Entrepreneurship (Employment) Camp: Helping Returning Students Starting Jobs or Own Businesses

SHENZHEN, CHINA, Oct 31, 2020 - (ACN Newswire) - The Greater Bay Area / GBA Youth Entrepreneurship (Employment) Camp, open for only three months, proudly announces success in helping overseas students find jobs and start their own businesses. More than 50 job seekers and entrepreneurs have joined the Camp for consultation and classes, while 16 entrepreneurial teams have settled in. The Camp held activities during this first quarter, talent, entrepreneurship and policy meetings, lectures on intellectual property (IP) and legal ownership, and courses to help prepare graduates and resident teams to solve issues they will encounter as entrepreneurs. At the same time, Hangcheng GBA Youth Entrepreneurship (Employment) Camp has published articles addressing policies, questions and apprehensions, empowering overseas students returnees.

Hangcheng GBA Youth Entrepreneurship (Employment) Camp: Helping Returning Students Starting Jobs or Own Businesses

To help returning overseas students find jobs, and provide an entrepreneurial environment free of worries, Hangcheng, Bao'an District, Shenzhen established the Hangcheng GBA Youth Entrepreneurship (Employment) Camp. [10/27/20]

The Coronavirus outbreak of 2020 brought challenges to all countries; an International Labor Organization survey suggested that one-sixth of the world's young people remain unemployed. The pandemic isn't subsiding, and entrepreneurship and employment are tested to their limits. The employment situation for overseas students is even more worrying: these students cannot return to China and can only stay abroad; all the major enterprises have laid-off workers or reduced their salaries, making it difficult for the most competitive international students to find jobs, or face unemployment. The pandemic has impacted the original supply chain and capital chain for entrepreneurs, dealing many entrepreneurial teams fatal blows.

To reverse the social impact of the epidemic, the Chinese government has made employment and entrepreneurship a major task over this and the next few years. Various parts of China have issued favorable policies on employment and entrepreneurship, tried every possible means to stabilize and expand employment, and actively supported the masses' Entrepreneurship and innovation. In terms of talent recruitment, Shenzhen Special Economic Zone has been at the forefront of the country. To help returning overseas students find jobs, and provide an entrepreneurial environment free of worries for returnees, the Hangcheng Sub-district, Bao'an District, Shenzhen, established the Hangcheng GBA Youth Entrepreneurship (Employment) Camp.

Bao'an District of Shenzhen is the heartland of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area, close to the airport wharf and Bao'an International Airport. Bao'an is an important place of industry and innovation in Shenzhen and Guangdong Province. Bao'an District was selected eighth of the top 100 districts in China, In 2018; on March 4, 2020, Bao'an District ranked in the National Demonstration Base of New Industrialization by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology. This is where the Hangcheng GBA Youth Entrepreneurship (Employment) Camp was founded.

Bao'an's unique geographical and economic advantages will likely provide even more help for the entrepreneur. For overseas students, the main causes of employment difficulties are the lag of domestic employment news, maladjustment to the domestic environment, and lack of work experience. To assist with these issues, the Hangcheng GBA Youth Entrepreneurship (Employment) Camp, with it's well established services system, provides the following:

- Help returning overseas students with an academic degree certification, in the form of settlement introductions, subsidy applications, and other guides;- Resume optimization, interview guidance, career planning, and other help in updating the latest recruitment information in Bao'an District;- Organizing enterprise introductory activities for overseas students to visit key enterprises in Bao'an, so as to help them better integrate into the domestic environment.- Professional policy consultants and senior HR to solve overseas students' employment problems.

As for returnee entrepreneurial teams, Hangcheng GBA Youth Entrepreneurship (Employment) Camp will surely become a leading choice to start a business back home. In addition to its Greater Bay Area location, the Hangcheng GBA Youth Entrepreneurship (Employment) Camp can provide 3-6 months of free office space for an entrepreneurial team. The space features a beautiful environment with complete support facilities: Additional to the office area are a reception area, roadshow hall, conference room, multi-function room, and other features. At the same time, it is equipped with a cafe, book bar, gym, and shower room, providing leisure space for entrepreneurs.

Free venues for entrepreneurs are provided in the early stage of entrepreneurship. Lectures on policy, business, finance, taxation, and legal affairs and invite experts to answer questions and doubts for entrepreneurs will be held time to time. Cooperation with investment institutions to provide financial support for entrepreneurs' one-on-one investment in the middle stage of entrepreneurship, and match the appropriate follow-up incubation resources for entrepreneurs when the team matures.

To know more, please send a CV and project introduction to:

Contact: Eve@hexcubes.comTelephone: +86 17603014024Website: https://www.hexcubes.comAddress: Floor 2, Building 2, Baoxing Widsom City, Qianjin No.2 Road, Baoan District, Shenzhen, China

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