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CRAFTLAND Announces the Launch of Its Platform, Recycling Altcoins to Help Investors

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New York, NY, Sept 15, 2021 - (ACN Newswire) - Recently, CRAFTLAND has announced the launch of its platform which will recycle altcoins to help investors who were severely affected by poor management or low liquidity crypto projects.

CRAFTLAND Announces the Launch of Its Platform, Recycling Altcoins to Help Investors

The word "Booming" is not even enough to describe the rapid popularisation of the blockchain and crypto industry. Whether it is business executives, blue-collar or white-collar workers, as well as street folks are all talking about crypto investment. However, underneath this giant industry with nearly millions of assets changing hands daily are the wreckage left by numerous altcoin projects and their large number of stranded investors.

Projects rise and fall all the time, many investors invest into new altcoins just to find themselves stranded in projects that were abandoned later due to poor management or low liquidity; especially when Bitcoin experienced a bear market for two-month in June this year, that aggravates the number of projects being abandoned. Altcoins issued by these abandoned projects became the worthless and people coined them as "shitcoins". Investors holding these altcoins could't regain their losses from these failed investments and were stranded with wallets full of worthless coins

Understanding that many investors have been affected severely, CRAFTLAND vows to save these investors from their misery. CRAFTLAND recycling platform is such a revolutionary DeFi project (DeFi-decentralized finance) to assist investors trapped with these altcoins.


"Recycling" Altcoins To Rescue Investors Stranded In ETH And TRON Network Abandoned Projects

CRAFTLAND combines DeFi decentralized finance and GameFi blockchain games to launch the CRAFTLAND recycling platform, which is the first DeFi project to recycle abandoned blockchain assets and their altcoins that were built on the Ethereum and TRON networks.

The Ethereum network is undergoing its "London HardFork" upgrade. Taking this opportunity, CRAFTLAND uses the new Ethereum blockchain network architecture to recycle abandoned projects altcoins on the Ethereum and TRON networks, and recycle them into CRF (Blockchain pet game fuel currency) and CFT (DeFi currency)

CRAFTLAND recycles the worthless altcoins from investors and issues new CRF cryptocurrency to them. Utilising CRAFTLAND blockchain pet collection games to drive community cohesion, and at the same time using DeFi Staking with interest-bearing fixed deposit contracts to increase the coin's value. Through this process, the worthless altcoins wil be recycled for valuable assets with liquidity, forming a self-sustaining ecosystem, giving value back to investors and the CRAFTLAND blockchain game.

"For early investors trapped in abandoned projects and holding huge amounts of shitcoins, CRAFTLAND is an opportunity to get out of the projects and rejuvenate their failed investments."

CFT Blockchain Fixed Deposit Contract Defi Staking

The most important thing for blockchain projects is a functioning self-sustaining and autonomous appreciation model. CRAFTLAND introduced the staking mechanism based on the Ethereum POS system. The staking smart contracts will tighten CFT supply, increasing market demand, promote CFT value appreciation and return to investors.

The CFT Staking smart contract works like an investor buying a fixed deposit on smart contract, and reclaim their shitcoins in exchange for CFT, agreeing to bet on the CFT for fixed deposit within a period of time, the CFT interest income will be distributed after the smart contract expires.

The most outstanding advantage of CRAFTLAND betting to earn interest is that the interest rate people stake for will increase in proportion to the duration of their smart contract or the amount of the bet.

CRAFTLAND Blockchain Pet Collection Game And CRF Game Fuel Coins

Recently, the NFT market in the blockchain game system is very popular, and the transaction of blockchain game items has driven tens of millions of dollars in game asset transactions. Taking this opportunity, CRAFTLAND has launched a blockchain pet collection game, which enhances community cohesion through pet breeding in the game and social elements in homes, stores, and communities.

Altcoins and mainstream cryptocurrencies recovered by CRAFTLAND will be issued as CRF assets in proportion. CRF can be used in addition to the consumption of pets in CRAFTLAND, it can also be traded on the NFT market, or converted into CFT for the CFT blockchain fixed deposit contract. In addition, rare and unique CRAFTLAND pets can also be traded on the NFT market, which is also the charm of this game.

CRAFTLAND has zero charge for recycling?

With the purpose of saving blockchain investors, CRAFTLAND will not charge investors a single cent of funds except for the fuel fee of the Ethereum network.

Investors only need to go through identity verification and wallet screenshots to prove the value of the air currency they own, and CRAFTLAND will verify their eligibility to join the recycling plan and wait in line for CRF issuance.

Of course, if investors want to join the CRF pre-sale on the CRAFTLAND platform, they can learn more on the CRAFTLAND website


Without any cost at all, through CRAFTLAND, through the dual-line mode of fixed deposit contracts and blockchain games, it is possible to restart your discarded assets, re-giving value, and revitalizing the investment that has failed in the past, not seeking to get rich, only to get back the capital , Isn't it wonderful?

Media ContactBrand: Craftland Technology LLCContact: William James, Marketing DirectorE-Mail: support@craftland.worldAddress: Amsterdam Ave, New York, NY 10025, United StatesWebsite:

SOURCE: Craftland Technology LLC

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