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FIA Announces the FIA One

  • Written by Fibocom

BARCELONA, SPAIN - Media OutReach[1] - February 26, 2019 - FIA announces the FIA One, a versatile and scalable indoor or outdoor display which integrates two of the most exciting new technologies; Micro-LED and global 5G network capabilities together into a single device.

FIA Announces the FIA One


The FIA One will drive innovation throughout the industry with the excellent visual clarity and advanced picture capabilities of the newest Micro-LED display technology. Compared to current LCD and OLED technologies, Micro-LED offers higher brightness approaching 10000 nits; higher contrast with up to 90% black back panel; wider BT.2020 colour gamut; HDR10 with 10 bit colour depth; faster response time; and smaller pixel size of less than 100um.


Integration of 5G allows the FIA One to consolidate existing in-home or in-building access devices such as gateways, routers, set-top boxes, or IP TV services; providing the customer with a fully integrated 4K and beyond digital experience via the latest network technology.


"By integrating together the newest Micro LED display technology with 5G, we allow our customers to experience for the first time both visual and data low-latency capabilities in a single device. This will open the door for new experiences and new IoT innovations. FIA is leading the industry by combining these capabilities into a single, scalable solution. Launching this innovation together with China Unicom shows our leading position." Said Tom Burton, President of FIA USA.


"China Unicom will act as the exclusive official communications service partner for the Beijing 2022 winter Olympics. We will apply 5G to the venue management, event experience, daily media, broadcast training, etc. to create a comprehensive solution for the intelligent Olympics. Meanwhile, the combination of Micro-LED display and 5G technology will provide an excited experience for the global audience. Refer to IOT, China Unicom's 'Internet of things platform +' ecological strategy will gather many partners to build a high reliable and low lag application scenario through the perfect integration of FIA Micro-LED display technology and various solutions" Said Chen Fengwei, Deputy General Manager Terminal&channel support center Unicom Vsens


"While Micro LED and 5G are still considered cutting edge, integration of these two technologies allows for cost-savings through our global carrier partnerships and advertising platforms -- a combination that is not fully utilized today. Use-cases range from the space-saving convenience of a single solution home cinema to high exposure outdoor billboards. The possibilities are endless", Said Burton.

About fia and fibocom

FIA is built as a collaboration with operators and partners to focus on new innovations and IoT devices born from the advances of 5G connectivity.With a strong background in IoT through support from Fibocom Wireless Inc., Fibocom is the first wireless communication module and solution provider listed publicly in ChinaSHE : 300638). For over 20 years, Fibocom has been dedicated to providing many global top 500 IoT consumer electronics, and global carrier companies with end-to-end wireless communication solutions covering 5G, LTE, NB-IoT/eMTC, HSPA+, and GSM/ GPRS.  This strong background is further enabled by the world's largest PC parts/CPU manufacturer, and major Fibocom shareholder, Intel.


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