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Indulge in the Golden Butter Experience with Anchor Food Professionals this Lunar New Year

  • Written by Anchor Food Professionals

KUALA LUMPUR, MALAYSIA - Media OutReach[1] - 11 January 2022 -Upholding the spirit of traditions and sharing prosperity with your loved ones, Anchor Food Professionals ushers in the Lunar New Year with a rich and meaningful campaign. The campaign highlights the use of premium New Zealand butter in baking and culinary creations, providing Malaysians the opportunity to create their own "golden experience" by sharing the true Butter the Golden Indulgence with their loved ones.

The Lunar New Year celebration is an auspicious occasion as we send blessings, gifts and wishes for health and prosperity to each other. Traditionally, red packets or better known as 'angpao' is given to the younger ones. It is also customary to send gifts like mandarin oranges and cookies to each other in hope for a happy, healthy, and successful year ahead. "The Lunar New Year has always been about sharing the gift of wealth and blessings with our family and friends. This New Year, Anchor Food Professionals invites Malaysians to partake, project and share the golden experience through our activities using Anchor's rich and creamy natural butter. Experience and enjoy a rich and quality buttery indulgence to be shared with your loved ones", says Jack Tan, Food Service Director, Fonterra Brands Malaysia.

Anchor's rich and creamy natural butter, made from 100 percent pure New Zealand milk, provides every household the buttery goodness they need this Chinese New Year. It has a rich and creamy flavor that is ideal for cooking and baking as it brings out the natural flavors of the ingredients that melt in the mouth. The brand also brings a variety of rich buttery activities that seek to deliver an elevated golden butter experience through their festive Butter the Golden Indulgence theme.

Offering a variety of on-ground activities and educational digital contents to further enhance the golden experience, The Blind Taste Test Challenge - a mystery find is the first activity in which viewers will be given a taste test to learn more about the differences between genuine butter and margarine. In aim to educate audiences on the usage between natural butter and margarine, a range of digital content will be shared. This engagement will focus on the purity and quality of Anchor's New Zealand source of dairy, which provides a differentiated richness in the taste of real Anchor Butter. The rich and creamy texture from pure New Zealand butter is best suited for this year's prosperity baking for an appealing and flavorsome results.

Apart from its core functions as a foodservice arm, Anchor Food Professionals also played a responsible role in assisting the baking community and food operators afflicted by the epidemic. The team worked together in dialling up marketing efforts and packaged business solutions through partnerships with local outlets across Malaysia. Anchor Food Professional also reached out to over 6,800 local home bakers through a unique baker's program – targeted at equipping small, micro-businesses and home bakers with the skills, advice, training, and the right platform they need to take their company to greater heights. "The company values innovation not just in producing products, but also in packaged business solutions that assist local community partners in growing their enterprises," adds Jack Tan, Food Service Director, Fonterra Brands Malaysia.


Anchor Food Professionals will also be organizing a series of engagements to drive footfall to the local bakeries and restaurants that are part of the Anchor baker's programme, where audiences can emerge into the golden experience firsthand, and witness how natural butter creates exceptional food creations. Those interested to take part in this exciting engagement, can simply head over to any of Anchor Partner Stores[2] to have a mouthful of buttery goodness. Furthermore, the Anchor New Zealand Butter, which is the key highlighted product for this Lunar New Year campaign, will also be available in most retail supermarkets and outlets[3], including Shopee[4] and Lazada[5]. Audiences can also join in the golden experience respectively, via the #CookWithAnchorDairy[6] recipe hub.


Doubling up on the golden experience, Anchor Food Professionals further excite Malaysians with the Anchor Butter CNY Contest[7], happening from 1 December 2021 to 31 January 2022. Participants can stand a chance to win up to RM62,888 worth of prizes. To participate, simply log onto the Anchor Golden Indulgence Contest website with a minimum purchase of RM30 receipt worth of Anchor Butter products from any store and scan the QR code provided to fill up a contest participation form.


Anchor reinforces its 135 years of dairy knowledge by providing on-going assistance and supply to over 10,000 restaurants, home bakers, and cafes across Malaysia to further enhance the New Year celebration. In addition to the quality-driven products, Anchor Food experts provide hands-on experience, culinary ideas, and expert coaching from highly qualified food professionals to help local food establishments develop enticing food creations.


For more information on Anchor Food Professionals and the campaign, visit the Anchor Food Professionals official website[8], or follow our social pages at[9] and[10].


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Authors: Anchor Food Professionals

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