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Circles.Life Reveals its New No-Contract Family Plan in Singapore Redefines What it Means to Be a Family

  • Written by Circles.Life

One plan, one bill and up to six SIM cards. The new plan gives power back to customers by letting them decide who they share their data with in their family!

SINGAPORE - Media OutReach[1] - 8 April 2021 - Circles.Life[2], the fastest growing telco in the region, announces the launch of the Family Plan, the latest in its line of innovative products, which in the last nine months has included a holistic eSIM onboarding process, Data-only plans, gamified loyalty programs, IDD call packs and more.


Circles.Life Reveals its New No-Contract Family Plan in Singapore Redefines What it Means to Be a Family


In the spirit of bringing a new kind of Family Plan, Circles.Life believes families today can be any group of people brought together by blood, circumstance, love or even shared interests - this can be your teammates, game board night gang, or even movie buddies! To differentiate itself from the complex traditional family bundles offered by telcos today, the Circles.Life Family Plan allows customers to share telco benefits with the family they choose, regardless of relationship and household residency, under one bill.


Discover limitless possibilities with unlimited rules


Unlike existing telco family plans, Circles.Life's Family Plan is completely flexible, free from contracts and other requirements like having to buy broadband or other services. The plan comes with 200GB of 4G data, 500 mins and 200 SMS, all for as low as $15 per line for six SIM cards. Customers have the choice of buying between two SIMs to six SIMs. Similar to other Circles.Life plans[3], customers can add more data, mins, or SMS whenever they need.




Other Telcos

No strings attached


No. Requires additional services like broadband or buying a new phone on a 2-year contract.

Sharing telco benefits




Rameez Ansar, the co-founder of Circles.Life, expressed: "Giving power back to customers is at the heart of what we do at Circles Life. Customers are not satisfied with the status quo in the telco services they are getting, they expect an experience that's on par, if not better than the apps and other digital services they use every day."


Interested customers can find out more about the family plan here[4].


Leading telcos in the region with excellence in technology, innovation and customer experience


As the telco that's reached profitability the fastest in Singapore, Circles.Life continues to lead the way in tech infrastructure, customer satisfaction, telco innovation like the new Family Plan. This has allowed the company to consistently deliver industry-leading customer experience, achieving over 96% Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) and the highest Net Promoter Score (NPS) scores in Singapore that's +50 points ahead of anyone else. In addition, this success has changed the industry in Singapore, creating a time before Circles.Life launched and after, where customers are now using more data than ever, have more choices than ever, having the power finally back in their hands. As a result, Circles.Life is now the blueprint for what a digital telco should be, not just in Singapore as seen by how competitors have launched their own respective digital telco brands, but globally as well.


This global impact is a result of Circles.Life repeating the aforementioned success in Australia and Taiwan. Circles.Life launched both markets in a matter of months, in stark contrast to the normal telco launch timeline measured in years. In addition, both markets are at pace to hit profitability milestones faster than in Singapore. Most importantly, the product experiences for both markets are at par with the success in Singapore, boasting CSAT scores of 98% and 99% for Australia and Taiwan respectively.


These results, better customer experience, better business outcomes and better product innovation have all been made possible with Circles-X, the proprietary technology built by a combination of local and global talents. Circles-X enables the company to launch new products and services at record speed compared to traditional telco platforms. Circles.Life believes this is what will power the future of telcos globally.


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Authors: Circles.Life

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