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DHG LTD releases Mogu Smart Router (MSR) Version 2 in Japan

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DHG LTD (Daiko Holding Group), a global communications group operating from Tokyo, released the Mogu Smart Router (MSR) Version 2 in Japan on February 15, 2021. The MSR Version 2, optimized for Japanese internet service providers, marks the second generation of Mogu routers to reach consumer households in Asia. The Mogu launch in Japan is also the first release under the management of DHG LTD, who acquired the Singapore-based smart router company earlier this year.

DHG LTD releases Mogu Smart Router (MSR) Version 2 in Japan

The acquisition of Mogu was a strategic next step for DHG to expand their footprint in Japan's wireless internet service provider (WISP) sector. Prior to the acquisition, Mogu Technologies successfully launched the Mogu Smart Router Version 1 in mainland China, with plans to expand throughout Asia in 2020. After the emergence of SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19), Mogu shifted focus to the Japanese market, partnering with DHG for distribution based on the organization's expertise in both logistics and internet services throughout Japan. As DHG looked to expand their service offerings in 2021, their existing relationship fast-tracked Mogu into the expanding DHG portfolio.

In addition to the Mogu Smart Router, the acquisition included the two other business units of Mogu—the MOGX token and the mobile app to manage WiFi security settings remotely. The acquisition of Mogu and the release of Mogu Smart Router Version 2 strengthens DHG's competitive advantage to provide internet services to Japanese customers, developing a more comprehensive solution including consumer smart routers for home wireless networks.

DHG LTD. CEO Akio Ito commented, "The release of the Mogu Smart Router in Japan provides a major growth opportunity for DHG, supplying our clients with an expanded product offering. We look forward to extending a streamlined, one-provider solution to our customers in Japan over the coming year."

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