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Turmeron Joint Launches in Singapore and Asia, Nature's Pain Reliever for Joint Inflammation

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Singapore, May 18, 2021 - (ACN Newswire) - Turmeron International, the manufacturer and distributor of Turmeron Joint, has launched the food grade joint supplement in Singapore (and Asia). Featuring their proprietary ingredient, Shiro-Ukon also known as Japanese White Turmeric, Turmeron Joint, is an all-natural, vegan, non-GMO and gluten-free food supplement. It is rich in effective Labdanes that assist the body to rebuild worn out and overused joint components in the knees, hips and fingers. The main active component, the Labdane-type Diterpene, is found in levels up to 100 times higher than the common yellow turmeric.

Turmeron Joint Launches in Singapore and Asia, Nature's Pain Reliever for Joint Inflammation

A pure and effective joint pain remedy, Turmeron Joint is beneficial for those suffering from osteoarthritis (wear and tear of the protective cartilage of the bone due to aging or injury), athletes (runners, body-builders, etc.) as well as those in professions that require repetitive use of their hands such as chefs and musicians. Studies conducted on the consumption of Turmeron Joint supplements have revealed no known side effects. On the other hand, over-the-counter pain and anti-inflammatory medication have been known to cause serious side effects such as stomach ulcers and damage to the kidneys and liver.

Turmeron Joint was first launched in Japan in 2015, subsequently in North America (2019) and recently in Singapore. Shipping services will be available from Singapore to all countries in Asia. Patented in Japan and FDA-registered, Turmeron Joint is manufactured in Japan with pharmaceutical grade production.

Where It All Began – Discovery of an Untouched Treasure

Cultivated in the Kyushu region of Japan, the Japanese White Turmeric was known simply as healing botanicals. Farmers, within their small communities, love their turmeric tea and enjoy incredible abilities of physical strength and mind for advanced ages. They are also known to be significantly healthy, with strong immunity systems, which help them live life to the fullest.

While their flowers and roots were appreciated, the broad and glossy leaves (that can grow as tall as 1.5m!) were often discarded. After extensive research conducted by Professor Komai from Kindai University, the Japanese White Turmeric root and leaves extracts are proven to visibly restore skin health.

Continued research on the Japanese White Turmeric found that it has very high amounts of naturally occurring labdane type diterpenes in its root called rhizome. This is the only turmeric known to have rich enough labdane type diterpenes as well as anti-inflammatory properties. The unique property was then patented in Japan, for both its extract form and powder form for the 'Inhibition of growth of the synovial membrane or synovial cells', and 'White Turmeric dry powder containing high concentration of labdane type diterpene'.

Exclusive Technology

The patents ensured the exclusive farming of the Japanese White Turmeric plants in Kyushu, by Turmeron International. Harvested once yearly in November, the rhizome (root) is planted at the end of March each year. During this time, the growth is closely monitored with samples of its leaves and rhizome checked four times for its active content, which increases gradually with growth. This is done together with specialists at the prefectural medicinal plant institute. Where necessary, the plants are given nutrients to ensure active production.

When the active content, labdane type diterpenes reaches to predetermined level and its activity to inhibit synovium growth is confirmed by the Kindai University laboratory, the rhizome is harvested and prepared for extraction. The extract is then analysed for its purity and activity level and is released for capsulation process using certified materials. All the production processes are done at ISO, GMP or FDA certified factories.

How It Works

The Problem:

Joints are wrapped in a bag called the joint capsule, and there is a film called the synovial membrane in the lining. The synovial fluid that is secreted from the synovial membrane acts as a lubricant for the joint and to send nutrition to the cartilage. When you develop osteoarthritis (OA), the synovial membrane will increase its thickness due to inflammation. It then secretes excessive body fluid into the joint capsule, which induces secondary inflammation and causes the inflammation to cascade, causing further damage to the cartilage and other tissues in the joint capsule.

The Solution:

Turmeron Joint is the only supplement that can control inflammation and unwanted synovial membrane growth, and was awarded with two Japanese patents. The formulation contains 4x the strength, and clinical studies done in Japan have found that 70% of the participants reported significant to very good improvement in their knee, leg, hip, and finger joints, with no side effects.

Japanese White Turmeric versus Yellow Turmeric

The turmeric family includes some 150 different species with varying chemical properties. Some of them have been used for a long time for medical purposes in India, China and Japan. The most commonly known is the yellow turmeric. While there are many anecdotal evidences for the medical and health benefits of the yellow turmeric, extensive studies have shown mixed results on its efficacy for reducing inflammation. On the other hand, the Japanese White Turmeric found in Turmeron Joint has been clinically proven for its efficacy.

With Turmeron Joint, the Founders, Tokyo-based Shinji Yamasaki and Singaporean Toh Ziling, hope to alleviate common joint pains experienced by both the young and elderly. "Whether it is to help people be comfortable and move about without pain, or for the elderly to be able to play with their grandchildren, the end goal is to improve people's daily lives," says Shinji Yamasaki, CEO of Turmeron International.

Turmeron Joint is distributed by Turmeron International, 327A Beach Road, Singapore 199560, and retails for S$65 at:

1) (delivery in Singapore and to all parts of Asia via Fedex, shipping charges apply). *Note: subject to change without prior notice due to the COVID-19 situation.

2) e-Watsons in Singapore:

Ingredients: Curcuma longa with Rice Bran Oil, Piperine, Rice Germ Oil, Starch Hydrolysate, Glycerin, Glycerol ester of fatty acids, Carageenan

Recommended Use: One capsule per day, anytime, with any beverage of preference.

Turmeron Joint Launches in Singapore and Asia, Nature's Pain Reliever for Joint Inflammation

For more information, please visit:Website: @turmeron

For media enquiries, please contact:Rachel RaeburnDirector, Relish / +65 9742 5770

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